1. The arts

    1. Art in general

      A forum for discussion topics about art in general - not necessarily concerning any particular style or media. Members can also start new topics about specific media or styles here that don't fit into any of the other existing forums.

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    3. Drawing

      Top tips for beginners and amateurs on mastering the art of drawing. Post your hints and experiences here and they will likely get promoted to an article in the Top tips for artists and photographers section of the site!

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    5. Literature and the Art of Words

      Here's a forum for anything and everything you'd like to discuss - or simply tell the world about - concerning books, poetry, languages and the written or spoken word in general.

    6. Manga, Anime and Comic art

      A forum for all things Manga, Anime, Western Comics, you name it! Post your hints and experiences here - or just plug your favorite artists and comics.

    7. Mixed media art

      Basically, anything that combines a combination of different materials on a flat surface!

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    9. Painting in general

      A forum for general topics centered around anything to do with painting.

    10. Pastel painting

      A forum for anyone interested in pastel painting to discuss techniques, styles and anything else to do with the wonderful media of soft and oil pastels!

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    13. Selling art

      This forum is for students, aspiring artists and struggling amateurs who would like to learn how they can sell their art.

  2. General Discussion

    1. Chika! (Nonsense talk and silly games)

      For people who just want to have a laugh, discuss meaningless subjects, engage in nonsensical games - or to be just plain silly!!

    2. Kwentuhan! (Sensible discussions, intros. etc.)

      This forum is for normal, everyday discussions - nothing too silly and nothing too high-brow! This is also the forum for introducing yourself.

    3. High-brow discussions and serious stuff

      For serious thoughts and discussion only.

    4. Out and about

      Tell us about your voyages of discovery - or where you just like to hang out! Where's the best place in town to get a beer, chill-out, eat, see a good band or simply enjoy yourself? Whilst you are at it, tell us who your favorite local bands are!

  3. Announcements

    1. Art and photography news

      News and details of upcoming exhibitions and other events in the world of art and photography. Advertise your gallery, business or association. Post links to your own website. Tell the world about your art and photography exhibition, competitions and art for sale!

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    2. Updates from

      News and updates relating to the Forums, Gallery and Blogspot

    3. Members advertisements and Links

      This is the Forum for members to post their links and advertisements.
      The is also where the Forum threads for any new articles in the Top Tips section of the site will appear.
      Notifications of any new files that members have uploaded to the Downloads module will also appear in this Forum.

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    • Right! So now there is an "Upload Images" button in the main navigation of every page of the site. So now, even I can figure-out how to upload imsges!! Not bad, for a site where the Gallery seems to be the main centre of activity... Next up, I will have a look and see if I can get rid of that stupid "Questions" set-up from regular topics in the forums...
    • Uploading multiple images... I have just discovered that this works fine, using my laptop, with the latest version of Firefox. However, on my Galaxy Note 5, running the mobile version of Firefox, it dosen't work. I can only upload single images, one at a time... Not much help when I tend to take photos with my cellphone - not my laptop!!!   I will try to get this sorted - sometime! But first, I will have to renew my subscription, before I can get any support from Invision Power Services. And that may be a little while yet...
    • 'Looking for a simple "Upload" button that you can click on when you want to upload an image? Use the main navigation menu... Click on "Browse" Click on "Gallery" On a desktop or laptop computer, you will find the upload button near the top of the page. It is labled: "Add Images" On a mobile - (well, my Galaxy note 5, anyway) - you will find the button under the new images block. (Don't ask me why... I don't know!!) And why is this button not in the main navigation menu? Or, at the top of every page of the site? Again... I don't know!
    • So now, I have figured iut how to upload a SINGLE image from my cellphone... About as much use as a poke in the eye!! Multiple image uploads would be good? Anyone else having this problem?
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