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Posted 14 July 2005 - 02:51 PM


Angono is home to many of the country?s great artists
Angono, Rizal is a quiet little town an hour away from Manila. It seems like an ordinary town with a plaza and busy market, but nothing is ordinary about Angono. It is home to many of the country?s finest artists. Maybe it?s the rugged and hilly landscapes or sleepy fishing villages that inspired these painters. But why is Marikina popular for shoes and Bulacan for sweets? Maybe it?s just the way it is. It seemed that when God was showering artistic talent in the country, a lot of it went to the artists of Angono
Angono lies between Laguna Lake and the foot-hills of the Sierra Madre, some 30 kilometers from Manila, a town whose folk hero, the late National Artist Carlos ?Botong? Francisco, was a benign hippie and the most famous Filipino muralist.
Botong Francisco was one of the leaders of the modern art movement in the Philippines. He reveled in and recorded Philippine history, legends, small-town folkways and small-town sights. Using the evocative force of line, shape and color, he captured on canvas the grace, vi-vacity and resilience of the Filipino.
Little Angono is the country?s artists haven and home to the late veteran artist Nemiranda, Jose ?Pitok? Blanco and Perdigon Vocalan. It is also the hometown of the politician-parliamentarian Arturo M. Tolentino and of mu-sicman Lucio San Pedro, the eminent Filipino composer and UP professor emeritus and con-ductor of the outstanding Banda Angono, the town?s brass band which dates back to the horse-and-buggy days.
The presence of two art groups ? the An-gono Artists Association and the Angono Atel-iers Association serves to inspire young and emerging visual artists, ensuring the continuity of this town?s artistic heritage.
Who knows what some disciple of Botong?s, perhaps one of those unknown factory hands who paint on Sundays, will someday sur-prise us with.
But as for now, the life-enhancing gift of the Angono painters is their heart-warming vision of the world not as a wasteland but as a wonderland.
Angono has been known as the cradle of the arts or the fountain of talents. Three National Artists had bloomed in this quiet little town. They are Botong, San Pedro and Manansala.
Today?s renown artists like the Blanco?s family and Nemiranda and his children command a big influence in the growing art populace of Angono.
Other known artists in Angono are Vicente Reyes, Salvador Juban, Bobet Andres, Weweng Unidad, Lito Balagtas, Cesar T. Hernandez et. al. The Nemiranda Arthouse and the Blanco Museum are two of the most well known Art Museum in Angono that are habitat of art connoisseurs and tourists.
How did Angono get into the arts? The Angono Petroglyphs, which was discovered in the 60s, was found to have etched drawings on the rock surface of the cave in the mountain forest of Angono.
Archeologist from the National Museum confirmed that the age of the rock art drawings based on their studies of rock sedimentation was 3,000 years-old.
Tandang Juancho or Juan Senson, the grand old man of art in Angono, who lived in the 19th century, had a vast collections of mostly religious painting and sculptures which are now in the hands of his relatives.
National Artist Botong Francisco created a magnificent influenced in the art scene particularly in Angono.
What is most striking in the art development of Angono is the presence of the Angono Ateliers Association. Conceived in 1975, the association has become a jumping board of many would be artists and artists alike.

Nemiranda Arthouse and Atelier Gallerie

The Arthouse filling up the whole 1,012 square meters lot (one block) is the product of Nemiranda's natural wit and ingenuity, all poured into transforming Angono's indigenous and recycled materilas like bamboo, nipa, sawali, abacca, old wood as well as its artifacts into this function art. Like a labyrinth, the Arthouse is an environment-friendly architecture concept where trees, birds and ornament plants play a major role. It has become the venue for countless art lessons, sysposia, art competitions, exhibitions and other complimentary activities primarily for the artists of Rizal, making it a credible witness to Nemiranda's commitment to elevate the province into an Artists' Village. A wide collection of the artist's paintings masterfully implying figurative realism in the artworks portraying rural life and folkloric art is on display.

Location: No. 10 Do?a Elena St., Do?a Justa Village, Barangay San Roque, Angono
Tel No.: (632) 651-0109

Tiamson Art Gallerie

A painter, a musician and transmedia artist all rolled into one - this is the young Orville Tiamson. His style ranges from the conventional to new age. Orville Tiamson?s journey began with an ASEAN scholarship grant in 1987, later collaborating with the Manila Art Circle of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Swinging from music to painting, Orville tried to capture both genres but in 1992, he realized that he needed to focus more on his painting. His father, Dominador Tiamson was also a painter, only more traditional. The artist?s cubist style is very striking, similar to the carved linear drawings of Manansala, with a modern twist. Orville explored Philippine culture, depicting scenes such as the market place and typical barrio life, but using modern cubist style.

Location: No. 203 Do?a Nieves, St. Angono

Blanco Art Gallery

The museum displays the incredibly life-like paintings of the most famous family of painters in the country. Headed by renowned artist Jose ?Pitok? V. Blanco, all seven children employ their father?s painting style. Breaking away from the Botong Francisco tradition, the Blanco family paintings are very natural or closer to reality. Compared to the vibrant colors of the Botong-inspired paintings, the Blancos often use brown tones to effect a more somber depiction of reality. It is also interesting to note that Pitok Blanco?s wife and children are often the subject of his works, whether they are fleeing an Angono fire, are in deep prayer, or as infant angels surrounding Christ. Paintings portraying rural life outdoors are more colorful, each done with painstaking detail.

Location: 312 Iba?ez St., Angono Rizal
Tel No.: (632) 651-0042

Village Artist Gallery

The gallery houses Pepito Villaluz?s unique graphic and much-detailed realistic style.? The love of art made Villaluz prevail and succeed in dedicating his time to his works. He exemplifies the artist who would rather starve for his muse. He has attained mastery and control over the hardest medium ? watercolor. The depth of his art and the message behind his works shows that this man is definitely an artist extraordinaire.

Location: 256 Carnation St., Nieves Hills Lakeview Subd., Brgy. San Isidro, Angono, Rizal
Tel. No.: (+632) 451-0303

Vicente Reyes Art Studio

One of the most prolific and talented students of the late National Artist Carlos ?Botong? Francisco, Vicente Reyes is one of Angono,s pride, as proven by his collection of paintings where the highest principle of the art of painting is almost achieved. Doubtless, his outstanding works a depiction of various typical human life and activities, contributed much to the prestige of the town as ?An Artist?s Paradise.?

Location: Do?a Aurora St., Brgy. Poblacion Ibaba, Angono, Rizal


The private studio displays the remarkable works of one of Angono?s noted artists, Saslvador Juban. One cannot fail to appreciate and take notice his paintings, works of art that radiate the artist?s ingenuity, fine taste and aesthetic value.

Location: Do?a JustanVillage Phase 11, Brgy. San Roque, Angono RizaL


FROM the yard of Cesar T. Hernandez's studio, located in Angono Hi-Way. After a few knocks on the door, the masculine, good-looking and gentle artist appears with a smile and welcomes visitors. His wife and children exude a shy but neverthelesss equally warm aura. Such gestures promise a pleasant visit and viewing of the obras of one of Angono's maestros.
The artist shows his recent works in oil. One is Carlos V. Francisco-inspired and still awaits finishing touches from Hernandez in the next few days. He beams with pride as he narrates about his past encounters with his townmate who became a National Artist-a prime model for all Angono-based painters, young and veteran alike. As a boy, Hernandez used to visit Botong Francisco's studio and watched the painter at work. He admits that those visits must have inspired him in becoming an artist, too.
Like most Angono artists, Hernandez's subject includes the biblical, the mythical and the folk. The last, especially, is a world the artist knows by heart, being a farmer's son who grew up in the pastoral and bayside town. Angono is much urbanized now but Hernandez remembers communal life and its uplifting effect on an artist's vision and soul. Hernandez's style ranges from the early "realistic" to the more recent "conservative-imaginative realism in transparent cubism."

Location: Manila East Road, Brgy. San Roque, Angono, Rizal Tel No.: (632) 295-3127 www.freewebs.com/obramaestra

Angono Artist Village
Rizal is the province of choice and a definite tourist destination particularly in the field of arts and crafts. It is known as the home of recognized and national artists and musicians. It is for this reason that the Angono Artists Association prodded the creation of an Artists' Village located at the foothills of the Sierras.
Location: Angono

Ang Nuno Artists Foundation Gallery

A vast collection of paintings, sculptures and other art froms conceptualized and made by independent and budding artists from Angono, the gallery is located at Balaw-Balaw Specialty Restaurant, where customers, visitors and guests alike, oftentimes enjoy viewing the artworks on display.

Location: Do?a Justa St., Do?a Justa Village Phase 1, Brgy. San Roque, Angono, Rizal
Tel. No.: (+632) 651-0110

Angono Ateliers Gallery

Artists from the Four Corners of Angono joined the Ateliers in 1975 for the pure and simple reason of personal enhancement. A purely self-serving motive that contributee to the split of the Association in 1977. However, as they started all over again, they learned new insights concepts, each one learned from one another. They grew mentally, emotionally and professionally, leaving their prima donna egocentric attitudes.
The Angono Ateliers Association is presently an active component of the Rizal Artist Federation, an art guild which Nemiranda was one or the founders. Ateliers who are qualified enough are made member of the Philippine Association of Figure Artists (PAFA); a band of recognized artists in the field of painting and sculpture. Because of the figurative nature of the Angono Ateliers art, the group has been very instrumental to the PAFA cause in developing the human figure as the ultimate subject.

Location: Villamayor Bldg., Manila East Road Highway, Corner Justa Street, Angono, Rizal
Tel No.: (632) 295-4023

Angono and Binangonan Petroglyphs
A recent archeological breakthrough of the 90's is the discovery of ancient petroglyphs in the mountainside of Angono and Binangonan. The petroglyphs were validated by the National Museum, the UNESCO and KOMOS as one of the oldest in the Asia-Pacific Region. They can be traced back to the third millennium, B.C. It has been declared as aheritage site. The Deaprtment of Tourism in coordination with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, is now engaged in the development of the site, the protection of the walls from damaged caused by man the elements, and the construction of viewing and rest areas.

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Posted 17 July 2005 - 09:25 AM

Thank you very much for that article! It made very interesting reading and I think that I will put Angono on my list of places to visit.

That comprehensive information on the galleries and museums of Angono will be really useful, I am sure!

Thanks again! :grin:
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Posted 27 January 2008 - 11:51 AM

How about some samples of the works "paintings" of Carlos "Botong" Francisco?

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Posted 26 September 2008 - 08:05 AM



Its not official though, that the town of Angono is the art capital of the Philippines. You may check and ask at the tourism dept. of Angono.

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