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Google May Change Things.

I have been reading where Google has released information that it may start puting it's first page ranking up for bids on search. To me this would hurt the small business people that do not have the budgets of the large corporations. The example that I saw used one dollar per click as an example which could be bid as high as five dollars per click. Man...I can just see Google sending me a bill saying today 5000 people clicked on my sight and bought nothing...that will be $5000 please. No way! From the statistics I have seen that 70% of potential customers will not click on adds that come up under search anyway. I suppose this is a way to hide paid advertising from customers by charging for search ranking. Plus they do not guarantee first page ranking anyway-even with the paid search plan. For those of us trying to maintain a sight I suppose we could try for page 2 or 3. I could better understand the system if it was a commission on sales results of some sorts. My humble opinion is that Google in it's largeness is becoming very greedy. I understand that they must make a profit but it should not come at the expense of putting the small busness out-of-business. Google should remember that Yahoo and Bing are waiting in the background for the opportunity to become # 1. Papadan http://www.papadanart.com





Seems lately that I have so many distractions that I find no time left to paint. First it took me quite a while to learn how to put up my own website. http://www.papadanart.com. This I finally accomplished with the help of yahoo's small business tools. You will not realize the accomplishment of building a website for a guy that still carries a dumb phone. Then we have the distractions of other folks, usually family, that think every little snag in their life should be a great emergency for ME. These seekers of opinion do not realize that I gained my wisdom from making many of the same dumb mistakes that they are making. Soon I know there will come a day that I can turn once again to my painting and the gradification it brings to me. I hope to start another series. Maybe the last series(Crazy Island) is out of my system. I have no idea what the next series will be but I am sure it will be a learning experience for me. Suffer through those anoying distractions that take us from our painting or whatever our method of expression may be. It just makes the return more enjoyable. Have a great day. Papadan.



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