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A whole playground of playhouses...

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<IMG BORDER=0 SRC="http://www.lonvig.dk/artblog-19-playhouse-square.jpg" ALT="artblog-19-playhouse-square (28k image)" hspace="10" align="left" HEIGHT=200 WIDTH=200>Last time I wrote to you it was about a playhouse inspired by Gaudi.

I asked why not build a Picasso playhouse?

A Miro playhouse?

A Matisse playhouse?

Do you know the Austrian painter Hunderdwasser?

A Hundredwasser playhouse would be great fun.

And a Salvador Dali playhouse?<br clear=all>

Ed Baron from Baron Conservancy in Wonder Valley near desert oasis city of Twenty Nine Palms, a few miles east of Los Angeles wrote:

<span style="font-style:italic;">"Can't you just see a whole playground of Playhouses? What a wonderful art project. It would certainly tie in with our purpose of preserving Art and Human Nature. Perhaps volunteers will agree to come erect them at the Baron Conservancy?"</span>

First I asked Ed Baron if he was serious?

He answered: <span style="font-weight:bold;">OF COURSE I AM SERIOUS.</span>

In order to describe this project to sponsors I have designed a number of new playhouses inspired by the great masters.<br><br><br><IMG BORDER=0 SRC="http://www.lonvig.dk/artblog-19-picassos-she-goat.jpg" ALT="artblog-19-picassos-she-goat (10k image)" align="right" HEIGHT=200 WIDTH=200><span style="font-weight:bold;">Pablo Picasso</span>

I do love very many of Picasso's works.

Once I visited New York I was at MOMA.

In my photo album there is this amazing photo of one of my sons and the Picasso She Goat.

The She Goat is a fairy tale character in the fairy tale "The Baby Carriage and the Sleep Sheep", too.

A staircase up to the door and two windows.

The playhouse you can see to the left.<br clear=all>

<IMG BORDER=0 SRC="http://www.lonvig.dk/artblog-19-da-vinci-mona-lisa.jpg" ALT="artblog-19-da-vinci-mona-lisa (8k image)" align="right" HEIGHT=200 WIDTH=200><span style="font-weight:bold;">Leonardo da Vinci</span>

Everybody knows Leonardo da Vinci. Everybody knows da Vinci's masterpiece at le Louvre in Paris.

I have been in Paris a couple of times, last time to see Biblioteque Forney, where they have a collection of my posters.

But I have to visit Mona each time.

This time you were allowed to photo her.

As I returned home I made the Colorful Mona Collection.

You can have Mona in a canvas, in a paper cut-out and now in a playhouse version.

The height is supposed to be 15 feet.<br clear=all>

<IMG BORDER=0 SRC="http://www.lonvig.dk/artblog-19-campbells-warhol.jpg" ALT="artblog-19-campbells-warhol (7k image)" align="right" HEIGHT=200 WIDTH=133><span style="font-weight:bold;">Andy Warhol</span>

I have seen Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans here and there. At AROS Museum of modern art in Aarhus, Denmark I saw an original.

The height is supposed to be 18 feet.<br clear=all>

<IMG BORDER=0 SRC="http://www.lonvig.dk/artblog-19-creation-of-adam-michelangelo.jpg" ALT="artblog-19-creation-of-adam-michelangelo (10k image)" align="right" HEIGHT=175 WIDTH=200><span style="font-weight:bold;">Michelangelo</span>

I saw his renaissance fresco "Creation of Adam" (1508-1512), which is a part of the Sistine Chapel ceiling decoration in the Vatican Museums in Rome. In my opinion God's right hand and Adam's left hand are the essentials of the fresco motif.

I have worked with these two hands in various contexts.

Now these two hands have become a playhouse design.

The height is supposed to be 15 feet.<br clear=all>

<IMG BORDER=0 SRC="http://www.lonvig.dk/artblog-19-soft-watch-dali.jpg" ALT="artblog-19-soft-watch-dali (8k image)" align="right" HEIGHT=179 WIDTH=200><span style="font-weight:bold;">Salvador Dali</span>

Since I saw Dali's soft watches for the first time I have been fascinated by them.

He was crazy. Really crazy.

I met his son in Rome, we exhibited at the same place, he was a nice, humorous fellow painting nice aqua color motifs from his home city Venice, Italy.

"Like father like son" proved wrong.

The soft watch became the roof of a playhouse.

Height 9 feet.<br clear=all>

<IMG BORDER=0 SRC="http://www.lonvig.dk/artblog-19-wrap-christo.jpg" ALT="artblog-19-wrap-christo (9k image)" align="right" HEIGHT=156 WIDTH=200><span style="font-weight:bold;">Christo</span>

Christo Javacheff and Jeanne-Claude de Guillebon are famous for wrapping buildings.

Here a playhouse is wrapped in green and with a blue string.

Height: 10 feet.<br clear=all>

<IMG BORDER=0 SRC="http://www.lonvig.dk/artblog-19-chair-vincent.jpg" ALT="artblog-19-chair-vincent (7k image)" align="right" HEIGHT=200 WIDTH=135><span style="font-weight:bold;">Vincent van Gogh</span>

Playhouse inspired by Vincent's chair.

Height: 21 feet.<br clear=all>

<span style="font-weight:bold;">Joan Mir

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