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It is the 12th time.

The 12th time that I made a motif for a award winning company.

The award is the Danish Industry InitiativeAward 2009.

The company is the Fittings Specialist in Fredericia, Denmark.

It was a couple of months ago.

As always I initiate the job by talking to the CEO. His name is Finn Roy, and he thorowly

informed me about products, organisation, etc.

We managed to drink three cups of coffee.

The chemistry between us was right.

Now you must see the robot, Finn Roy said.

The robot???

First I thought of Gyro Gearloose

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What a good art work you have made sir Asbjorn. Quite remarkable that your corporate values have their corresponding icons and symbols. It would be more easy for people to remember as they can visualize it rather than just read it. Anyways, that's the internal side of your company... what about the company's external brand? You are also making an art icon for it?

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