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  4. Clingy bestfriends are the best ✨💕 ily @FrannesJavier

  5. @demorgen Barack moslim steunt soros vriend Macron

  6. Simbako @Pepaaaaaaaaayy

  7. RT @bonhams1793: WATCH: William O'Reilly discusses "Arbre de Neige" by Henri Matisse, star of May 17 Impressionist & Modern Art sale https…

  8. From the album Other Work

    Add perspective to the things I do not like! So, there you go. Any other questions ask away.
  9. Followers -2, Unfollowers - 0. I didn't know I was this awesome. Get your weekly stats via

  10. @dekoran1 @lidwieneik_boom een pedofielen aanbidder mag zoiets zeggen vrouwen snij zijn ballen eraf

  11. From the album randomness

  12. From the album randomness

  13. RT @bonhams1793: Vibrant and important cutout by #Matisse leads #Impressionist and #ModernArt sale in New York, May 17…

  14. Hahahaha @FrannesJavier

  15. Here we go... Safety first in the Philippines... Apart from zero PPE, this guy even feels the need for a bit of a kip between letting go our ropes...

  16. From the album Other Work

    S E N S O R Y“ I love the thought you're eating meIt's my desire to be eaten by youI am your flesh, be part of meI'm looking forward to being slaughtered by youI love the pain inside of meLet's go to dinner for the very last timeIt sounds insane, but not to meIt's the perversion of a really sick mindHang me, nail me, anything that pales meEat the other half of meKill me, rape me, anything that hurts meEat the other half of meHang me, nail me, anything that pales meEat the other half of meKill me, rape me anything that hurts meEat the other half of me “Blood makes the best lubricant...Lyrics: Suicide Commando - Menschenfresser
  17. I'm not dead! Just a bit of a hiatus.

  18. From the album Other Work

    ZAIBATSU!The Zine is now out for you all to consume with your hungry eyes and can be found here:…. This was my effort towards a fantastic collection of fan based creations for The Super Best Friends Play! So big thank you to the Zine peeps for doing this and of course, Matt, Pat, Woolie and Liam for all the rad videos they put out!…Later fuckers!
  19. From the album Other Work

    After reading the manga's and re-watching the anime of each series, I thought I'd celebrate one of my all time favourite shows with a bit of fan art!Tried something a bit different in that I was mixing my own style with that of the original, proved... interesting!There is a good chance, more will be coming.
  20. From the album Other Work

    This is a gift I have created for my friends parents who have supported me, helped me, looked after me and treated me as one of the family without ever asking for anything in return.I have nothing to give other than my skills as an artist.The insperation came from a whole pile of old Japanese art, so mixing that with my style, a touch of manga and elements from said old styles of Japanese art, this was the result.As big fans of the Japanese culture, lets hope they like it! It will be printed in high quality and framed before I present it to them.wish me luck!
  21. From the album Other Work

    Flesh is weak.Personal bit of work, representing a new year the evolution of self to something more.FULL VIEW PLEASEPraise be to the machine.Props to for his amazing stock that was an huge help in getting angles and proportions right.
  22. From the album Other Work

    Color version of my original line art. Just for fun.Full view please.
  23. From the album Other Work

    A long time coming.Neon Genesis Evangelion fan art.Full view for details please.Also NGE in a nutshell:
  24. Medyo bastos

  25. Anchor on board! :D Whoever this belonged to, managed to wreck a grand total of three cables in the Singapore Strait... And, I believe, the cable owners will be quite pleased with this little piece of evidence!

  26. I have a rising follower graph! 5 more followers in the past week. Get your stats right here

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