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  8. Traitors, Heretics, Friends, Foes and all the dregs of humanity in between.

    After 9/10 months of relentless bullshit and some of the lowest points in my life I've finally managed to land a job I'm actually interested in doing, not only that I'll be moving home back to the town I came from and having a fresh, brand new start on life.

    So, expect even less artwork from me than usual! Hopefully once things have settled and the dust clears, I'll be able to get back to it with a renewed purpose and fill your lives with more bio-mechanical, cyborg, violence fuelled bullshit.

    Wish me luck in this new endeavour of re-starting my life again! 

    Machine God be praised.

    1. smb


      Good luck!! Maybe, by the time you get back into it, might even have a new life!

  9. From the album Other Work

    Bit of fan art I suppose? My take on a long time friends RP character. Cyborg Neko Witch!First thing I've drawn in a whiiiile.
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  13. I have deleted all the old advertising links in this section. Half my affiliate relationships have faded into non-existence and the number of broken links in there weren't doing the site any good. Right... Start again!
  14. From the album Manila, Philippines

    The dark, rainy season clouds of a tropical rain storm passing over Manila Bay. With 1322 Roxas Blvd., (the Golden Empire tower,) and La Nobleza Terazzas (under construction,) in the foreground.
  15. From the album Manila, Philippines

    A rain-laden sky over Malate, City of Manila, Philippines. In the foreground is the Hyatt Hotel and the Landbank building - with the Manila Yacht Club and the Admiral Baysuites hi-rise condominium in the background of the photo.
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  17. From the album Manila, Philippines

    Construction ongoing at the Nobbly Terraces - sorry(!) - La Nobleza Terrazas in Ermita, Manila - 1st July, 2017
  18. From the album Manila, Philippines

    It's that crane again! Construction continues on La Nobleza Terrazas in Ermita, Manila. Early morning on the 1st of July, 2017
  19. From the album Manila, Philippines

    A rather dramatic sunset over Manila Bay. The lovely orange light was the result of an earlier heavy tropical rain and thunder storm.
  20. From the album Manila, Philippines

    Malate, in the City of Manila, on a lovely sunny afternoon in June 2017
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  22. Right! So now there is an "Upload Images" button in the main navigation of every page of the site. So now, even I can figure-out how to upload imsges!! Not bad, for a site where the Gallery seems to be the main centre of activity... Next up, I will have a look and see if I can get rid of that stupid "Questions" set-up from regular topics in the forums...
  23. From the album Manila, Philippines

    La Nobleza Terrazas, (Salas Street, between M.H. Del Pilar and Mabini Street, Ermita, Manila,) under construction in June, 2017
  24. From the album Manila, Philippines

    Manila Bay in the early morning sunlight - with the latest addition to Manila's skyline going up fast! The crane is working on La Nobleza Terrazas - Salas Street, between M.H. Del Pilar Street and Manini Street in Ermita, Manila
  25. From the album Manila, Philippines

    Adriatico Street, just down the road from Robinsons - going towards Padre Faura Street
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