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  2. smb

    Welcome, to the Shinkansen!

    There is a slight pause after "Welcome" - for emphasis! And "Shinkansen" is actually three seperate words: 新幹線 Shin-kan-sen or New Trunk Line. This is what people in the West refer to as the "Bullet Train" (when, in fact, "Shinkansen" refers to the rail network, not the trains that run on it).
  3. smb


    Photos of some aircraft, taken on my travels.
  4. smb


    Where is this?
  5. Last week
  6. Waaj

    Natur Waaj 2

    pokračování zde uveřejněného Natur Waaj
  7. How's tricks? 'Good to see you managed to pay a flying visit!

  8. Welcome back! It's good to see you here again!

  9. 'Good to see you back at artfreaks.com!! :D

  10. smb


    Very nice! I like the colours...
  11. smb


    Nice photo!
  12. smb

    Before Bath Time

    You put those expired cosmetics to very good use!!
  13. Long time, no see!

  14. smb


    Still testing out the site after a recent software update. 'Any issues, just drop me an email or a pm...
  15. OK, well good luck with uploading images! I am still not 100% certain that the issue has been resolved? It could just be an ISP issue where I am right now. Anyway, ' any issues, just drop me a pm. And thanks for your patience!

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