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Sell your art online!

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View the works of up-and-coming artists and photographers!

Rate and comment on their works!

Post examples of your own art or photography!

You can even use ArtWanted.com as a sales outlet for your own original art - or prints of your art or photography.

In order to sell prints of your work, simply upload your images to your portfolio and wait for the cheques to start coming in! (ArtWanted.com handle the actual billing, printing and shipping of your prints.)

There is a free membership option but this only allows you to upload 3 images per month. You also need to be a "Premium Member" in order to take advantage of their print on demand "Print Program."

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The following was received in an e-mail from YourArt.com:

One of the Worlds largest Fine Art website. Over 5,000 Members.

We invite you to look at some of the greatest works of art in Painting, Sculpture and Photography.

If you are interested in works of art just go to www.YourArt.com .

If you are an Artist we invite you to become a Member.

Artists Directory Service (FREE)

Go to http://www.YourArt.com under Artist Directory select "Submit your site".

Virtual Gallery Service(Less than USD $3/month)


We invite you to display your works of art in our Virtual Gallery which includes:

* Up to 40 works of art

* Biography

* Artist's Statement

* Exhibit Schedule

* Testimonials

* Contact Information

* Your personalized website address (YourArt.com/firstname.lastname)

* Entry in Artists Directory

* Selected for Virtual Gallery Daily Featured Artist

* Selected for Artists Directory Daily Featured Artist

* On-Line Update

* Guest book

* Fine Art Store

To create your virtual gallery, please contact us: Art@YourArt.com

Best Regards,

Ojars Lasmanis, CEO

YourArt, Inc.

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