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Suggestions for categories and forums?

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'Any suggestions for new categories or forums?

Feel free to make as many new topics as you want! :D

New categories and forums can only be set up by the admin. (That's me, with my other hat on!) :D

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the classroom- for lessons/Q&A's/discussions related to art, in the name of art and the like...

muscle museum-art gallery for everybody!!!(well, if that would push through, we would need a copyright security thingamajig)

the krukruxCLAN- artfreaks.com forums family discussions

gameroom- speaks for the name itself

classifieds- auctions, for sale stuff, well of course, no company advertisements

general specifics- for any discussion!

the long table- for serious discusssions...

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One thing I really like about http://www.bobongbooks.com is that the site owner has kept to only two categories in his forums and the number of forums within those categories is also very limited. This makes it very easy on the eye for anyone visiting his forums for the first time.

So, in view of this, I will I will introduce a new forum for games but, I would ask users if they could make do with the existsing forums for the following:-

The classroom - Please start a new thread for this in "Arts in General"

Family Discussions - Please post these in "General Chat"

Classifieds - Please use the "Advertise" forum in "Announcements" By the way, do feel free to post company information - links to your own site, whatever. artfreaks.com is a member of http://www.honestlinks.net and we believe in an open linking policy and a WORLDWIDE WEB of quality links. All I would ask is that people state clearly, exactly where and to what the link will take them. (And click on one of my text ads - before moving on!!) :oops:

Regarding the "muscle museum-art gallery for everybody," there is a forum for posting pictures but people are welcome to post pictures anywhere on these forums. (Just use the "Img" and insert a link to a picture on another website somewhwere.) For those that don't have their pictures stored on another website anywhere, there will also be a completely seperate "Photo Gallery" and "Art Gallery" (The links have already been installed on the home page but I have yet to install the actual galleries themselves. - More pennies needed! :sad: ) anyway, when those two galleries are up and running, people will be able to post their photos - or pictures of their art, directly from their hard drives.

Have fun!!


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