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Film chat - filming, vidiography, your favourite films or actors - whatever!

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Who are your favourite actors?

Let's hear all about them!

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2005!! Now that's a blast from the past! Back in the good old days when artfreaks.com was actually doing quite well...

I have just been clearing out some old guff and a load of old spam from the forums - which was posted years ago when I was busy with my day job and I just didn't have the time to deal with it. This inane post should have gone the same way but I am a sentimental old fellow and I just couldn't bring myself to erase this little bit of internet history!! :search:

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The camerawoman behind the camera! :)

artfreaks.com member Chai, is now a very busy camerawoman... She leads a rather hectic life and her work takes her all around the world. Chai was the camerawoman behind the Youtube clip below. This one is hot off the press from Hong Kong - and now, she tells me that she is already in Malaga!!

Apparently, this is a Youtube show about the Fintech Finance Payments Race: ‘Round the World 2019.  It's mostly what they call "corporate advertainment", apparently... Four contestants, each with the same budget have to make it around the world using only ONE payment method for everything; cash, card, mobile payment or cryptocurrencies.

Chai is filming one of the contestants here, in Hong Kong - and the pair of them seem to have been having a wonderful time!! :rolleyes: :D



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