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Who is this artist? (Help topic

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Can anyone help identify the (Filipino?) artists of the following four paintings:

If you are not a member of the ArtFreaks.com Forums, you can e-mail any information that you might have to the site-owner:

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The following was received by e-mail:

I've seen your old posting on Arthur Ypon gallery in Manila and thought to drop you a line.

I have recently bought several paintings in Australia (some of them turned out to be Filipino) and now I'm trying to do a bit of a research on them.

I was able to attribute two of them, one to Cesar Buenaventura and the other to Delfin Tinonas. I have 3 more I can't work out the artists names from the signatures. I wonder if you'd have much knowledge of Mabini and other Filipino artists or if you can provide Arthur Ypon's e-mail details to me for this purpose?

I don't have an e-mail address for Ypon's Art Gallery but their physical address and phone numbers can be found at:


These are the paintings, (four now - complete with close-ups of the signatures,) that Victor would like some information on.









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Alfredo Buenaventura - Fishing Boats


Alfredo Buenaventura - Binondo

I just received the following inquiry regarding Filipino artist, Alfredo Buenaventura:

I am trying desperately to find someone who has any knowledge on the artist in the subject line. I can find more information about his brother, Cesar or his father, Teodoro, but I am struggling to find good information on Alfredo. I have two beautiful original oils on canvas by Alfredo, and I definitely want to try to learn more about him as an artist and also see if I need to get my paintings insured. Any help you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

If anyone can help with this, please post a reply here - or send me an e-mail:

Contact Us

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