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Let's hear about some of your favourite books!

Just to kick off this topic, here are a few of my own personal book recommendations:

First on my list:

1421: The Year China Discovered America - by Gavin Menzies

I found this to book to be quite startling. 'Very interesting though, and a thoroughly good read...

I know that some people in the Western World aren't too happy with the notion that the Chinese had been to many far-flung places around the world, long before the great European explorers - but this book does provide some quite thought-provoking evidence to the contrary. It seemed pretty well-researched to me, anyway. The book is well-written and, if nothing else, it certainly provides a new perspective on world history and some highly interesting reading.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. This may not be "Gospel". Not yet, anyway... But I, for one, tend to think that Gavin Menzies is on to something!


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Here are two of the best books that I have ever read:

Both of these are highly recommended for anyone who is interested in reading about India.


A Suitable Boy - by Vikram Seth

This is one of my favourite books ever. I would love to be able to read this again if ever I have the time... A real epic... So if like me, you are not a particularly fast reader, it may take you some time to get through... The book was a gripping read, page by page. It had to be, otherwise, I would never have finished it! The book is written in perfect, impeccable English - which is a real tribute to the author in itself. The novel gives a good flavour of the Indian subcontinent. It is also a very poignant love story...


White Mughals: Love and Betrayal in Eighteenth-Century India - by William Dalrymple

Oh, what a great read! Another one for my "read again" list before I get too old!

This is one of those lovely, big fat books that just holds you from page one, right to the end. It's a kind of historical novel, set in India during the early days of the British presence in the sub-continent. I found White Mughals to be a very interesting read, with a lot of fascinating detail and description, vividly bringing to life those exciting times in the history of both Great Britain and modern day India. The plot is, apparently, based on a true love storey - which makes it even more interesting for an old romantic at heart, like myself! :)


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Catch 22, The Choir Boys and, of course, Lord of the Rings are three more of the unforgettable books that I have read in my life.

All of these are due for a re-read when I get old and retired - and I have the time...

(Or, before - if I ever master the art of speed reading!!)  :rofl:

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