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Led Zeppelin

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Funny... I thought I'd posted my Amazon.com review of the "How the West Was Won" CD here at artfreaks.com before?

Anyway, I'm damned if I can find it, so here it is again:

Early Led Zep at their rawest, live and rocking best!

December 12, 2009

By V. B. Rolfe "Vic Rolfe" (Philippines)

This review is from: How the West Was Won (Audio CD)

The first time I listened to Rock and Roll, (on disc 2,) I had my headphones on - (more like bloody great ear muffs, actually!) It nearly blew me away! I must have listened to that track about six times straight, before I moved on to Moby Dick. Then I had to listen to Moby Dick at least twice, just to hear that cataclysmic sound of John Bonham on the drums one more time!

This album makes the Song Remains the Same seem somewhat monolithic and plodding. (And I really like The Song Remains the Same... Well, I always did, until I heard this!!)

Aside from Led Zep at their rawest, rocking best, there are also some really wonderful acoustic guitar passages that just fill-out the performance nicely and provide some lovely breathing space between all the hard rocking electric guitar riffs and John Bonham's drums. Instead of a pounding dentist's drill, the audience is really ready for the rock when it hits.

Complete with bum notes, slightly off-tune guitars, feedback and overheated valve distortion - (not to mention a couple of occasions when Robert Plant's voice completely cracks!) - this is just wonderfully raw and exciting. Led Zep at their live-performing best! I could listen to this album all day and every day, if I had the chance - and if my neighbors would put up with it!

You can buy the album here:

Buy How the west Was Won at Amazon.com

If you want to vote on the review, you can find the original at:

How the West Was Won - Review by Vic Rolfe

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Hammer Of The Gods. Led Zeppelin - the DVD

At the time that I ordered the How the West Was Won CD from Amazon.com, I was mainly after a complete boxed set of all the Led Zeppelin studio albums. (I used to have the lot of them, years ago - all on original cassette tapes. Anyway, what with two divorces and moving around the other side of the world in the intervening 20-or-so years - not to mention the advances is technology over the intervening period; all I was left with was a very scratchy collection on my computer with some gaping great holes in it!)

I got the Complete Studio Recordings boxed set ...In a stroke - (well OK - I did have to wait a day-or-two for delivery!) - my Led Zep studio recordings collection was complete again. For the second time in my life!!

Anyway, in for a penny, in for a pound! The boxed set already includes the soundtrack for The Song Remains the Same but I wanted it on DVD. (I'm slowly catching-up with modern technology and you never know... I might even get a DVD player with a nice wide-screen home entertainment system one of these fine days?!) So I also ordered the

Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same (2 Disc Special Edition) on DVD

Another extra that I included in my order was the "How the West Was Won" CD (which I have already raved about in my previous post, here!)

Well, just to complete the posse, I rather fancied the idea of the Led Zeppelin DVD that was released about the same time as the "How the West Was Won" CD

So I got that too. Which is one reason why I am broke now!

Broke - but happy! :D

I was going to save the DVDs for that 'pie in the sky' wide screen that I may or never may get. Anyway, finding myself with some time on my hands, I decided to give the Led Zeppelin DVD a spin. (Bad move... Well, not really a bad move - just bad timing. I decided to have a quick look at it on my desktop computer... Just before going to bed. To cut a long story short:)

1) I was completely blown away. (I should have known better after my experience with the "How the West Was Won" CD...

2) I was up the whole night and I didn't even think about going to bed until way past the time when the sun started beating down on my tin roof!

3) I felt the need to burst into print with this because I have just been watching Jimmy Page's guitar solo in "White Summer," (Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London - 1970) - for about the 10th time already. At the end of the performance, I couldn't restrain myself from bursting into applause - (even though I live alone and only my dogs could have even heard it!) - and I noticed that all the hairs on my ugly legs were standing-up on their ends!

Rate my Amazon.com review here

Bob Jameson sums-up the DVD best in his Amazon.com review, part of which is quoted below:

The Hammer of The Gods Indeed....., June 16, 2003

By Robert A. Jameson "Bob Jameson"

...To just comment on a few songs in this incredible sonic document would be missing the point. Having witnessed their live performances at back stage, side stage and front stage I know that for any hard core Led Zep fan this is as good as it gets! For the casual fan of that time in history or the younger generation you can now see and hear what the fuss was all about.

The Led Zeppelin DVD collection validates the reason for having a home theater system...!

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