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Motivation - and finding the time for making some art

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It is a waste of time (and expensive art materials,) in trying to force yourself to paint when you are not in the mood.

Here are a few personal tips on getting oneself motivated and finding the time to do some art:

1. Have a source of income other than art, so that you can paint when you feel like it - not just when you need money for food, rent and beer! :drinks:

2. Have a bit of space, (a spare room, well-lit garage - or even just a corner of the living room if you are not lucky enough to have your own studio,) where you can leave all of your gear out. That way, when the mood strikes, you will not have the bother of getting all your art materials and accoutrements out before you can even start. This is a great way of maximizing your precious painting time...

3. Unplug the computer!

4. Unplug the TV

5. Put on some nice music.

6. Take the dogs for a walk first. Get them tired-out - and then you can concentrate on your art!

7. Open a can of cold beer or a bottle of nice red wine.

8. Get some painting done before you fall asleep! :rofl:


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Today, I managed to get started on a new pastel painting. (Apart from finishing-off another one that I started last year sometime, this is my first art of 2012!!)

Having just about run out of excuses, to put-off starting something new; I attached a blank sheet of paper to my board. I then sat there and just stared at it, refusing to leave my studio until a scene came into my mind and pastel had been applied to paper.

In the absence of a scene that I could visualize and wanted to paint, I was fully planning to just start applying sweeping lines and colours to the paper and give abstract art a try! Happily, though, a fairly simple scene did occur to me and I am glad to say that I subsequently spent a couple of quite satisfying hours actually painting again!

This was the result of my efforts - done purely from my own imagination...)

It is called "Window With a View"



Window With a View 004.jpg

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