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A Short Impression of Member's Gallery #1, Starr

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This will be brief because in member's gallery one there is so much great art of different styles and types that I'd be here all day writing about it if I went to each gallery! So I'm going to condense this mini-blog forum to my impressions of just 3 galleries. In the future I'd like to do the same with the other galleries. But for now to start, smb's new "flower in a vase in a window" is very fine. I don't know whether it's an oil painting or a pastel, because I know he likes to work in pastels, but it's a really good piece. I would buy it in an optional universe where I wasn't a poor artist! I also very much like what looks like rice paddies in a clearing storm, with beautiful colors in the sky and reflections in the water in the fields. Very appealling, misty beautiful! In another gallery of his I especially like his "Palms, Yellow Sunset" very much.

The 2nd gallery to write on today is Corinnemc's (sp?) "my art variety pieces". Clean lines. Less is better? After all the great cave paintings of 30,000 years ago are line drawings. I don't think western civilization has ever supassed what they did artistically.

The 3rd gallery that knocks me dead is Millie King's "Wilflife Paintings". She's really gifted. Makes you feel kind of daunted to see how good she is.

I want to thank the administrator of this site, and the owner, for giving artists like ourselves a chance to display our art, and for giving us forums where we can discuss art, among other subjects. Success and happiness to everyone. Starr.

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Wow! I feel honored. Thanks for the feedback! :D

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