4. Paco Gorospe Nude
    5. Paco Gorospe signed Nude

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Paco Gorospe Nude

Paco Gorospe Nude, oil on canvas, $1800  (obro) or best reasonable offer

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    • By NullBoss
      Hi peeps,

      A commission a client asked for, a portair of a friend of theirs who is a Drag Queen [Man dressin' in women's clothe's] this was a challenge, due to the specific requests within this order. They wanted retro clothing, bits from a number of photo's, they wanted a very femanine body, but to try and keep a masquline face, so it was hard to pull off but they were happy with the end result and I had a lot of fun.

      3 days worth of work, sketchbook pro with photo references!

      Comments and crit welcome.
    • By Ivo
      Processional artist and caricaturist from the early age makes your life committed to the art. Sometimes I ask myself What if it was happened in a different way? Let's say I was an accountant. What a boring thing to do? Isn't it? Haw my life would of be?
      I should consider my self a very lucky person been an artist.

    • By R. Louis Mulvihill
      I am a new artist member of this site, and I joined in hopes that I would be able to connect and share ideas about other artist's work and the work that I produce. I look forward to creating strong bounds with fellow artists and look forward to viewing and showing art. I have linked two examples of my art so to give an idea of what kind of work I produce. I have also linked my web site. Thank you. http://rlouism.com/
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