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    Hi, I am new to art (I painted and stuff in High School and did well, but that's been YEARS, and I wasn't great..) and was wondering if I could get some advice/tips/pointers from some more talented and educated people.. I know at this stage that I'm not very good.. I mainly do it because I think it is fun, and it makes me happy.. But I want to start learning how to get better, so I've purchased some books and have been practicing constantly.. I mainly work with Oil Pastels on canvas, as it is what I feel most comfortable with, but I also do some oil paintings, acryllic works, and charcoal/graphite sketches and stuff.. I'll probably photograph and post some of my work soon, just so you guys can directly address the problems that I have, that is if any people are willing to help a new art enthusiast out.. Also, if you would like to know anything else about me, just ask. =) While I take some photos and stuff, can anyone who works with pastels just let me in on some info? You know, like stuff you wish you had been told or learned when you first began! Thanks guys!
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    here is a link to my deviantART (so as to not create unneeded clutter.) http://rivinhal.deviantart.com/gallery/ Could anyone give me some feedback/pointers based on mistakes I may be making? I would appreciate it! Thanks!
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    Sure.. It could inspire me haha.. It's always comforting to know that not everyone started off like Van Gogh or something..
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    Thanks man.. I didn't realize there were articles too
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    Welcome to ArtFreaks.com! Check this out: http://www.artfreaks.com/index.php/articles.html
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