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    From the album: Zahna's paintings

    For my partner who passed away. Acrylic on canvas

    © 2011 Zahna Smith

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    From the album: Zahna's paintings

    I painted this for a good friend of mine who loves mermaids. Acrylic on canvas board.

    © 2009 Zahna Smith

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    From the album: my stuff

    © E. Arndt

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    From the album: my stuff

    just a drawing with my new bamboo

    © E.Arndt

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    From the album: my stuff

    They are not sure if the apparition is Queen (Bloody) Marry of England herself or some ghost or a demon or maybe an angry witch. All they know is that if you look into a mirror and say the name Bloody Marry 3 times. she may appear and ether attack you, kill you or pull you right into the mirror.

    © E. Arndt

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    From the album: my stuff

    just a new look.

    © E.Arndt

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    From the album: Untitled.

    I decided to try to paint with pastels ))
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    ArtFreaks.com is more than an art site... Even art freaks have lives outside of their art - and I would like to think of this website as a place where people can just drop by and enjoy a friendly chat, post their news, plug their own high quality websites and generally chill-out for a few minutes after a busy day! So... As far as I am concerned, it is very valid for you to post here!
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    People Who Loves smb eventually loves artfreak. I'm not alcoholic, I just joined artfreak because of its main topic which is all about arts, artfreak's a very useful site, though I'm not sure if it's valid for me to do my posts here. Hence, I enjoyed reading and posting in this site.. P.S I love Philippines!
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    Forthcoming edited version, Poet and playwright. The Philippines Islands. March 12, 2005
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    From the album: practising pastel

    A rather annoyed looking Amy Lee
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    From the album: Zahna's paintings

    Painted on commission for a collective. Cherry Kola strain

    © 2013 Zahna Smith

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    From the album: Zahna's paintings

    This was a project my husband and I worked on together. The water lilies are made of water color paper with acrylic paint. acrylic on canvas with 3D water lilies attached.

    © 2013 Harley Smith & Zahna Smith

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    As well as those listed I have two more. I'm sure you all know www.Deviantart.com and a new one which I'm digging at the moment: http://www.wysp.ws/
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    From the album: Landscape and Scenery

    digital arts.

    © (C) Mr-Springserpent2012.

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    hey guys happy to join this page and love to see all artist friends on such international network ,as everybody here love and is passionate about art ,s o i think its going to be great to have same minded friends
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    From the album: Flea's Collection

    Size A2 This was done for an assignment back in high-school. I unfortunately I had a time-frame and had to rush the woman last minute. I would go back and touch it up but this, along with another painting, was stolen

    © Jemma-Lee Nelson

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    From the album: Flea's Collection

    This was also done in high school and was also stolen. That upset me alot because although it may not look like it, ALOT of work was put into the process to create the design and transfer of this painting. I also digitally vectored this painting which I'll upload sometime.
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    From the album: my stuff

    This is an inking I digitally enhanced.

    © EArndt

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    Par: Diep la muse française. In the twinkling of her eyes there was depth and breadth. And in those shared smiles, was an understanding of the vast linguistic paradigm to heal. “Médecines sans frontières” was in the gift of her brainchild, as she prepared for a test. “I wa jinjutsu” had been held before her birth, as “Medicine, the art of compassion” had been already defined and practiced by one of Asia’s brains. With each pounding heart beat, Billions of cells danced on the consciousness of learning. Here came the sun unrelenting its warm on her notes. While it was an humble pen, all the while sitting in the silhouettes of her brilliance. Écoles des Médicines; La Sorbonne, Université de Paris. Eduardo A. Cong. Poet, and playwright. Monday, June 10, 13
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    This is a debate that I'm having with an artist and art critic in another forum. If you look in my gallery I just submitted a piece using the Grim Reaper as a theme. This piece was actually done at the request of several different internet bone gallery's I've become involved with lately. You know Skulls, skeletons, sole catchers, grim reaper, Death all that Goth crap. Any way this critic was angry with me for drawing it. This is a direct Quote " Awesome dude ,,err not I personally find this stuff embarrassing - Now theres a challenge creating a tribal art of our time - designing new tattoos," This was my rebuttal This may be true, yet there is one universal truth about art. All art is tribal. Take this piece. Truthfully the content contained in this drawing is not for every ones (or tribes if you will), taste. If I were to show this at my moms bingo club (or tribe) or maybe show this at my aunt church group (or tribe) I would be run out and stoned. This would not be to their taste. I do understand that some would find this type of content shocking, disgusting and even embarrassing. Yet this is what true art is about . What is just lovely to some tribes is always shocking, disgusting and even embarrassing to other tribes. This piece on the other hand was not drawn for those particular tribes that find this type of content shocking, disgusting and even embarrassing. In fact this reaction (shocking, disgusting and even embarrassing) was the reaction I was hoping to extract from those particular tribes. So thank you for that input. No it was draw, as what is going to be a series of grims for the gallerys of a particular group of tribes that have a taste for this sort of content. I like submitting to this forum because the critiques I receive here are insightful and those who give them, One... they do not focus on the type of content, Two... rather they focus on the technical aspects of that content. This has helped me to step up my game if you will so that I can produce a better piece of art in the particular content that I have chosen for the particular tribes that I have aimed the piece at. Making me a better artist. Of course He harshly disagreed. To me all art is tribal. Most people out there do not what the be molded into a group or a certain type of person, yet buy their actions they do so. They end up associating with those with the same likes, tastes and attitudes. This a tribe. Regardless if they will admit it or not. As for art. Sophisticates feel the need to put a name to every different type of art style that comes along. This is so the heaving masses of different tribes out there can have and explanation for themselves to justify there reasons for liking or disliking a particular type of art even to the point of trying to put a ban another tribes art because the they don't understand the content and it stirs a feeling in them that makes them uncomfortable. We as artists feel that we have an obligation to break down those barriers. Yet we also have a need to be noticed to get a little attention. That is why we create then put the content of that creation on display. If we are truly unique but are ignored, though we may continue to be unique for ourselves, we will ultimately create for a certain group or tribe. We justify this buy saying that we are just trying to get a little recognition so we can go back to being unique. If then our unique style suddenly becomes recognized giving us the attention we crave we will continue with what works. Though we may create different variations on that style as we grow older, we will never really grow out of it. The sophisticates then will put a name to this style or we ourselves will name it thus creating a new tribe. (Those who's tastes fit that style). Then that particular art form and tribe will grow beyond us. Other artists wanting recognition will then emulate our unique style crushing its uniqueness. Thus the tribe matures and takes on a life of it own. Lets face it all art is tribal. Your thoughts. Thanks Eddie Top
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    From the album: oil pastel /soft pastel

    hi this was for a challenge on another site useing oil pastels xx
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    From the album: mixed medium

    hi this is one of my mixed medium pieces useing mainly water colour and gouche for the train a mix of soft pastels and acrylics
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    I have been reading where Google has released information that it may start puting it's first page ranking up for bids on search. To me this would hurt the small business people that do not have the budgets of the large corporations. The example that I saw used one dollar per click as an example which could be bid as high as five dollars per click. Man...I can just see Google sending me a bill saying today 5000 people clicked on my sight and bought nothing...that will be $5000 please. No way! From the statistics I have seen that 70% of potential customers will not click on adds that come up under search anyway. I suppose this is a way to hide paid advertising from customers by charging for search ranking. Plus they do not guarantee first page ranking anyway-even with the paid search plan. For those of us trying to maintain a sight I suppose we could try for page 2 or 3. I could better understand the system if it was a commission on sales results of some sorts. My humble opinion is that Google in it's largeness is becoming very greedy. I understand that they must make a profit but it should not come at the expense of putting the small busness out-of-business. Google should remember that Yahoo and Bing are waiting in the background for the opportunity to become # 1. Papadan http://www.papadanart.com
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    Friends and admirers of the late Rodolfo V. Quizon, aka, Dolphy want the Cultural Arts group to confer the national artist award for cinema for the dead comedian.
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    Creating a digital caricature from photo? Which program? Hm... I use the Photoshop. Creating a digital caricature portrait is a difficult and time consuming proses, however it is pleasurable and enjoyable if you can looked it this way. A lot of practice is needed and the using of your brain turns to be the most important thing. Digital caricatures from photos
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    From the album: Wildlife Paintings by Millie King

    A pair of Heron share the task of building a nest. Acrylic on specialty paper, 18" x 14" unframed

    © Mildred King

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    Welcome, glad you are here! Lots of room for participation. Each brings something different.
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    From the album: Wildlife Paintings by Millie King

    A colored pencil drawing of a wolf on textured black paper. 10" x 10" Print, matted, unframed

    © Mildred King

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    From the album: Wildlife Paintings by Millie King

    An exquisitely detailed painting of a Rufous Hummingbird. Print size:10" x 8" matted to 14" x 11"

    © Mildred King

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    Vic, it was interesting to me to read this blog entry. I had not thought about my own inspiration for a painting very much. The paintings of mine that you see come completely from my imagination. The scenes exist nowhere until I paint them. I always set down to blank canvas with no idea of what will be the end result. I like bright colors and subjects that distort the mind a little bit. Feel good places that needed to exist.
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    A birthday party thread... I call dibs on a 10 tier chocolate cake.... a recycling foam plates, napkins, cups,....
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    From the album: Karslake Clothing Range

    Some cultures believe humans descend from wolves and the wolf may have a protective quality as well.

    © ©Global Merchandise & Design Ltd.

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