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    ArtFreaks.com is more than an art site... Even art freaks have lives outside of their art - and I would like to think of this website as a place where people can just drop by and enjoy a friendly chat, post their news, plug their own high quality websites and generally chill-out for a few minutes after a busy day! So... As far as I am concerned, it is very valid for you to post here!
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    People Who Loves smb eventually loves artfreak. I'm not alcoholic, I just joined artfreak because of its main topic which is all about arts, artfreak's a very useful site, though I'm not sure if it's valid for me to do my posts here. Hence, I enjoyed reading and posting in this site.. P.S I love Philippines!
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    Forthcoming edited version, Poet and playwright. The Philippines Islands. March 12, 2005
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    Hey guys! I know I haven't been on too much lately, I apologize. My life has been sort of chaotic, but now I've got the time and I've been posting new photos on my facebook page, and realized not too many of my friends are even interested to look at my stuff. Now I don't know how you all would feel, but in my personal opinion, it sucks. You'd think you're friends would want to support the things you love, but I guess not everyone has had time for all that. Does anyone else ever feel the same though? Or is it just my friends who kind of suck? haha, I'm just curious cause sometimes I feel like there's no point to putting out my photos for my friends to see. Majority of them just seem to ignore it and move on. So I made a blog for my photography in hopes of finding people who are genuinely interested in my work, and I hope to make new friends from the experience. I know I have talked to a couple of you on here, and I would love to talk to anyone who is interested. so feel free to chat me up! =] Also, I would love to know how all of your friends react to your work, and things you have done to get your work out there to be appreciated by the world looking forward to your feed back! =] peace & love!
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    Some of my latest water drop photography. Not my best shots but some turned out nice. I did these on my lunch break using a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon MP-E 65mm 1x-5x macro lens. www(dot)bubblews.com/news/794375-water-drop-photography "Not Found" error. URL edited by smb to minimize broken links on artfreaks.com
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    The priest entered his donkey in a race and it won. The priest was so pleased with the donkey that he entered it in the race again and it won again. The local paper read: PRIEST'S ASS IN FRONT The Bishop was so upset with this kind of publicity that he ordered the Priest not to enter the donkey in another race. The next day, the local paper headline read: BISHOP SCRATCHES PRIEST'S ASS This was too much for the bishop, so he ordered the priest to get rid of the donkey. The priest decided to give it to a nun in a nearby convent. The local paper, hearing of the news, posted the following headline the next day: NUN HAS BEST ASS IN TOWN The bishop fainted. He informed the nun that she would have to get rid of the donkey, so she sold it to a farmer for £10. The next day the paper read: NUN SELLS ASS FOR £10 This was too much for the bishop, so he ordered the nun to buy back the Donkey and lead it to the plains where it could run wild. The next day the headlines read: NUN ANNOUNCES HER ASS IS WILD AND FREE The bishop was buried the next day. The moral of the story is ... being concerned about public opinion can bring you much grief, misery and even shorten your Life. So be yourself and enjoy life!! Stop worrying about everybody else's ass and You'll be a lot happier and live longer!
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    Laughed until tears ran down my cheeks!!! Have a great year, kaibigan ko. Eduardo
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    Hello one and all, Righty, see there is a lot of peeps here but not much activity. For those of you who don't know me, which is probably 99% of you, I'm NullBoss. My gallery can be seen here: http://www.artfreaks.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&search_app=gallery&mid=2095&userMode=all&sid=ae92d1206834fa2fbe6a184d27f5c059 Now we've gotten that outta the way, you can see I'm a digital artist who specializes in the darker/macabre side of art with a nice mix of sci fi and fantasy. Whats I#m proposing here is this: If there is anyone out there who is looking for a challenge and something new, how about you collaborate with me on a piece of work? Hm? The preferred style would of course be digital as it's easier that way but we can always work around that. So if anyone is interested reply here or hit me up directly, I don't know about you, but I'd like to challenge myself a bit. Peace! PS. I will happily work with artists of any caliber, skill or media isn 't an issue.
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    Hi Group, I've been experimenting with mixed media (watercolor, pencil, pen) and the fine art of cartooning. It is an interesting and challenging hobby but I enjoy the creative process. I will be posting my work for review and feedback. All thoughts and criticism will be appreciated. Bob
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    Thanks - I post my most recent stuff first (I have been posting cartoons on animal/pet forums) but I'm open to any channel or theme to get a laugh (with the caveat that I do not want to offend or insult). Bob
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    " Those who brew the poison of cruelty will not win, tomorrow or today. The can put out the lamps where lovers meet. They can't blind the moon." Afiz Ahmed Afiz
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    Hey folks, I think over all Artfreaks is a great place, I've not had chance to frequent much until now, Smb is a great bloke and works very hard to keep this place interesting and maintained so kudo's to him. I feel that the site struggles with the main thing most sites do, members and constant posts. Tha'ts expected, still I like this place enough to keep coming back and slamming my ton's of art down and dropping the new stuff so it ain't all bad. Keep up the good work Smb and everyone else? C'mon, let's get more stuff up!
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    As well as those listed I have two more. I'm sure you all know www.Deviantart.com and a new one which I'm digging at the moment: http://www.wysp.ws/
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    hey guys happy to join this page and love to see all artist friends on such international network ,as everybody here love and is passionate about art ,s o i think its going to be great to have same minded friends
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    Par: Diep la muse française. In the twinkling of her eyes there was depth and breadth. And in those shared smiles, was an understanding of the vast linguistic paradigm to heal. “Médecines sans frontières” was in the gift of her brainchild, as she prepared for a test. “I wa jinjutsu” had been held before her birth, as “Medicine, the art of compassion” had been already defined and practiced by one of Asia’s brains. With each pounding heart beat, Billions of cells danced on the consciousness of learning. Here came the sun unrelenting its warm on her notes. While it was an humble pen, all the while sitting in the silhouettes of her brilliance. Écoles des Médicines; La Sorbonne, Université de Paris. Eduardo A. Cong. Poet, and playwright. Monday, June 10, 13
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    This is a debate that I'm having with an artist and art critic in another forum. If you look in my gallery I just submitted a piece using the Grim Reaper as a theme. This piece was actually done at the request of several different internet bone gallery's I've become involved with lately. You know Skulls, skeletons, sole catchers, grim reaper, Death all that Goth crap. Any way this critic was angry with me for drawing it. This is a direct Quote " Awesome dude ,,err not I personally find this stuff embarrassing - Now theres a challenge creating a tribal art of our time - designing new tattoos," This was my rebuttal This may be true, yet there is one universal truth about art. All art is tribal. Take this piece. Truthfully the content contained in this drawing is not for every ones (or tribes if you will), taste. If I were to show this at my moms bingo club (or tribe) or maybe show this at my aunt church group (or tribe) I would be run out and stoned. This would not be to their taste. I do understand that some would find this type of content shocking, disgusting and even embarrassing. Yet this is what true art is about . What is just lovely to some tribes is always shocking, disgusting and even embarrassing to other tribes. This piece on the other hand was not drawn for those particular tribes that find this type of content shocking, disgusting and even embarrassing. In fact this reaction (shocking, disgusting and even embarrassing) was the reaction I was hoping to extract from those particular tribes. So thank you for that input. No it was draw, as what is going to be a series of grims for the gallerys of a particular group of tribes that have a taste for this sort of content. I like submitting to this forum because the critiques I receive here are insightful and those who give them, One... they do not focus on the type of content, Two... rather they focus on the technical aspects of that content. This has helped me to step up my game if you will so that I can produce a better piece of art in the particular content that I have chosen for the particular tribes that I have aimed the piece at. Making me a better artist. Of course He harshly disagreed. To me all art is tribal. Most people out there do not what the be molded into a group or a certain type of person, yet buy their actions they do so. They end up associating with those with the same likes, tastes and attitudes. This a tribe. Regardless if they will admit it or not. As for art. Sophisticates feel the need to put a name to every different type of art style that comes along. This is so the heaving masses of different tribes out there can have and explanation for themselves to justify there reasons for liking or disliking a particular type of art even to the point of trying to put a ban another tribes art because the they don't understand the content and it stirs a feeling in them that makes them uncomfortable. We as artists feel that we have an obligation to break down those barriers. Yet we also have a need to be noticed to get a little attention. That is why we create then put the content of that creation on display. If we are truly unique but are ignored, though we may continue to be unique for ourselves, we will ultimately create for a certain group or tribe. We justify this buy saying that we are just trying to get a little recognition so we can go back to being unique. If then our unique style suddenly becomes recognized giving us the attention we crave we will continue with what works. Though we may create different variations on that style as we grow older, we will never really grow out of it. The sophisticates then will put a name to this style or we ourselves will name it thus creating a new tribe. (Those who's tastes fit that style). Then that particular art form and tribe will grow beyond us. Other artists wanting recognition will then emulate our unique style crushing its uniqueness. Thus the tribe matures and takes on a life of it own. Lets face it all art is tribal. Your thoughts. Thanks Eddie Top
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    You make a good point. I've come back to creating art after about a decade and a half or more burn out. By the mid 90's it became about the money only. It was no longer fun. Now I'm back, just checking out other artists work and creating again. Not looking to make money. I agree with RussellChapmen. I don't want somebody else stealing my pieces and making money off of them. (That has happened to me, In a very big way). If I see them being used for nonprofit purposes "fantastic!" I love it. As smb said; more feathers in the cap but I would like to have my work attributed correctly also. That is only fair. Money will destroy ones love for art. When a young person asks me for a tip on how they can break into the business, I always say, (my one and only tip): DON'T CALL IT A BUSINESS.
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    Friends and admirers of the late Rodolfo V. Quizon, aka, Dolphy want the Cultural Arts group to confer the national artist award for cinema for the dead comedian.
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    Wow, there are some beautiful photos you created. The most impressive is the "autumn in the park". It must have been amazing to be there to capture the moment.
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    about to post some stuff now actually =] and I've been thinking about putting up a blog on here as well. I just don't have the best track record for keeping up with them, so I'm going see how this one goes first. So maybe here in the next few weeks I'll get one started on here =]
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    I can see that you have put a lot of thought and work into your site,Vic. It is good that you have the knowledge to do the things here that you accomplish. Dan
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    Welcome, glad you are here! Lots of room for participation. Each brings something different.
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    I know this is a late post to this topic but I must say that there is a need for a site like this. I previously checked out a few sites and found them to be a bit stuffy, in my opinion. As stated above most have an active life away from the art. I wish more people would stick around and post topics and replies to make the site more active. Activity attracts activity!
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    Hi: I'm a new member. Being new I don't quite understand the overtones and the undertones of the introduction protocols: I'm just going to write it short and straight. Of course I'm an artist. I paint only in oils. I often lay in a painting (avergage size about 30"X40") with a broad construction type pencial, holding it with only 2 fingers, my thumb and my forefinger. After roughly laying it in, I continue to work it up with usually oil pastels. I like Senelier's but can't always afford it, so use what I have. Beside Senelier's is for finish work, it's too precious to use at the beginning. After that I'll start working in oils, but I'll still use oil pastels as part of my workup medium. After I start, if I like the way the picture is going, I work fairly intensely for at least 8 hours a day, drinking mostly coffee, maybe with a little Napa Valley Red. I work from about 2 in the afternoon until about 10 at night. If I work intensely I usually finish a new picture in about a week. I can do about 50 pictures a year, if the financies are right and I can buy paints and brushes and other materials. To get away from the art and to refresh myself, I like physical outdoor participant sports-climbing, tennis, skiing, I have a mountain and a road bike, and I usually start my day by running on the street at least 30 minutes each morning. It's not a lot of fun but you feel better afterwords. I've spent the last 6 months working on building an art website, with a large photogallery. It was very hard for me because I am no webmaster, that's why it took me so long. I finally finished and got it up about a month ago. I hope to be able to get used to this website and to be able to visit the galleries of the very creative and gifted artists who display and blog here. Starr
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    A birthday party thread... I call dibs on a 10 tier chocolate cake.... a recycling foam plates, napkins, cups,....
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    I think you make a fair point. I don't mind people using my general photography as long as they attribute it correctly and they are not trying to profit from it. My general work is here at Flickr However for my gallery prints, I don't put these online at full size as they are strictly limited editions and I can't afford to devalue them for those who collect my work. Happy new year ))
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    Despite the scattered national and global ignorance, there is a galvanization developing, the world over. Its symptoms were proffered by Arundhati Roi's observation in: "Another world is not only possible. She is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing."
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    Just when I wanted to be serious, I had a relapse. Now I can't work out whether to be a deep and meaningful new aged photographer trying to find the meaning of it all or just some yobbo out there taking pictures. Actually, if you asked my wife, she would say I'm an egotistic, arrogant, know-it-all who should be kept away from public gatherings for fear I will be offensive to someone. I'll try to behave. Whichever I am I'm glad to be here. I'll have a look around and see where I can start. I might get a photo or two or an opinion or three up before the end of the night.
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    check and see my Artworks in my blog at http://steptomydreams.blogspot.com/ and i'm accepting suggestion and comments I'm an amateur artist God bless and take care
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    Hey folks, I'm open for Commissions! I'll take any work, so don't be shy! Below are some prices, SOME are negotiable. Digital black and white sketch of single character - £10 Digital black and white sketch of single character with background - £15 Digital color paint of single character - £20 Digital color paint of single character with background - £30 Multiple characters and/or group shots - Price will be discussed based on time spent on said work. All work is completed as quickly as possible, I am able to work to time restrictions and will always be done to the best of my ability. Check my gallery for examples!
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    I am proud to say that the late Mike Herrera is my Father in-law. Thank you for appreciating his passion and creativity.
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    Well, your work is very bright and colourful. I like it.
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    Plezd to meet u alllllllll ;D ;D ;D ;D
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    "An Imperfect Offering: Humanitarian Action for the Twentieth Century." Par James Orbinski, M.D. The world as we know it today is shrinking. At this precise writing, the undergraduate college attended has up to ninety languages spoken on campus, The City College of New York. Very soon this humble pen will have available "his" imperfect offering for you all too. The beauty, if you will, of this piece was included in the chapter "Ummera." All was poetry in a cinematographic motion. " Medecines Sans Frontieres " were critized for leaving Afghanistan after her twenty four years presence, in response, the international president of MSF, Dr. Rowan Giles, cited in the above book answered, "In the 'war on terror' all factions want us to choose sides. We refuse to choose sides, just was we refuse to accept a vision of a future where civilians trapped in the hell of war can only receive life saving aid from the armies that wage them." p.386
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    Don't forget to give us your vote! The poll is in the "pinned" Thread, (What do you think of artfreaks.com?) at the top of this Forum: (Kwentuhan! (Sensible discussions, intros. etc. )
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    Haha thanks man.. It means alot coming from someone like yourself. I kinda had a bit of an art self-esteem issue, (thinking I straight suck something horrible) so this really made me feel a bit more capable! =)
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    In our world of the knowledge explosion and burgeoning information far beyond the capacity of any ordinary mortal to keep up on more than a sliver, a small portion, of it all, I was not surprised when yet another artist--unknown to me--was given a TV bio-pic1 last night. Lucian Freud, now 89, has been at the game of life more than two decades than I. He has gained a pre-eminence among British artists, a celebrity status, far beyond anything I will achieve even if I live to be a centenarian. Jurgen Habermas has achieved a celebrity status in the field of sociology, but people with little knowledge of sociology will not know of this intellectual giant. One also needs to know more than a little about the field of history to be familiar with Peter Gay, and I could go on and on through the fields of knowledge to mention names with which only those who are connoisseurs or scholars in those fields are familiar.
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    Interesting post, jazz was a revolutionary movement that obviously took a long time to resonate with the mainstream. This speaks volume to the nature of human beings and thought. Very few human beings are open to new ideas that conflict with their deep core of beliefs. Even to this day people have a hard time accepting and comprehending Einstein's theory of relativity. The good thing is that new generation always come in to lay a new foundation in thought.
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    This has also been a struggle of mine, especially online. If however you would like to go the gallery route, here are some great articles that discuss this entire process. And it does work. I need to update my own blog as I now have had a 4th gallery contact me to represent my work, all based on a mailing of an art package and brochure! Art Marketing 101
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    hi! i just sign up here. i'm looking for affordable art workshops. probably around 3k.
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    And here's some more songs in the Flixx Band repertoire of covers: Abba medley, Sampaguita Medley, Queene medley, Styx medley, Only Reminds me of you, 70's Medley, Sweet Dreams, Where are you now, Question, Dream On, Straight from the Heart, My Humps, I live my life,
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    Greet me a happy birthday! Cheers! 49 today and a little bit closer to the Pearly Gates! Whether I'll actually get in - or not, is another matter of course...!!
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    My Lai, March 16, 1968. This is written posthumously for Hugh Thompson, Lawrence Colburn And Glenn Andreotta. Thundering from below and drowning the blades of the silver bird spiraling wing above was the sound of bullets. From above, the view of elders, women and children, all civilians, fleeing in desperation. As the carnage of bullets kept tumbling down human lives, into the field below. Aflame were the straw huts spewing black smoke to the skies, and to a camouflaged silver bird, it was sign for help. So much smoke filling the lungs, just like the twin towers which were symbolic targets with our loved ones completely unawares, at home, of the external bridges our bureaucrats had burned to ashes. Darkness wore so many faces, then and now . . . Then, therein short distances from the rice patties were those heat-seeking missiles pointing at obvious noncombatants, similar to the infernal fire that had devoured those towers in cincture with volcanic heat, at obvious innocent lives. Darkness wore so many faces, then and now . . . We knew better. We had been trained in higher standards. Military Conduct, Geneva Convention, and treatment of prisoners had protocols in documents. In light of the above, one courageous soldier lead. In so doing, restored dignity to our troops during Indochina . In view of this scene, the silver bird momentarily kept silent, as if to give sounds to the voices of mothers and children screaming from their ground zero. Spiraling wings slowed down, the silver bird descent in the midst of the fire. It was not bullet proof, but conscience proof of the lives at risk on the other side of her. Instinctually, the effort was to protect, shelter against humanity callousness, and the ensuing carnage. The silver bird gunner pointing his higher power with enough arsenals to light the dawn, and halt the continuing slaughter. One humble giant, single-handedly went to light the way. Man, the creator of the most astonishing mechanical accomplishment of the century was unable to harness, that kindled flame burning in all life, its love . . . Complete obscurity, one and the same, My Lai and New York City, touching thousands of lives, for generations to come of so many friends . . . New York City's ground zero memoirs may have invoked the lines, but it was My Lai's hero passing, a torch of those times, a hero's courage that shone, and shaped these thoughts . . . During My Lai, it was not, a symbolic target destruction. It was as real as the keys of this notebook, with each keystroke, its touching motion creating the symbols of communications, the field was catching the lives tumbled by the arsenal. Just as the concrete pavement was catching those who took flight, from below the 101st floor of the Twin Towers . . . In flight, so many souls were released during My Lai and the Twin Towers . . . Copyright, January 9, 2006 Eduardo A. Cong Poet and playwright, San Diego, CA. USA As a student of history, cognizant of French and USA incursion in Vietnam, and the recent passing of Hugh Thompson, this was written . . .
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    You're making me hungry. Don't get no damn lugaw over here. Grr. Just porridge. Fun.
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    Circle of Love. . . Create a circle of love for the children who speak not, for they know only to play and love. Create a greater circe of love, for those children who have found themselves in the midst of grown up problems. Unable to articulate the lost, yet feel it and know nor what it is all about. There is this feeling Mama that you're lost for words to explain this conspicuous absence. Suddenly, an infant is drawn into another world, and your face becomes that of a stranger? It is the "sikat nang araw" upon these waves, dancing on the sparkling gold hues of those waves. Behind me was Remedios Circle, almost vacant, leading me back home. A jeepney ride away from Mabini and Remedios Street, as th rising of the sun, echoes your voice. . . No longer away, and Joy returns in the presence of you, ready to play, once again, your love emerges from distant shores. In a greater circle of love, it returns, reminding me, that you were always there. . . Copyright, May 30th, 2005. Eduardo A. Cong Poet and playwright, Plaza Boulevard, National City, CA
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