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    yep i wanted to draw a picture to this fireflies song by owl city too so here ya go XD

    © &copy blueshinewolf (me)

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    oil on canvas 15x18"in tel#(032)261-4300 cel#09062760818 email: jesie_james76@yahoo.com
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    From the album: Water color luchavnn

    By luchavnn 2011 size:68x46cm

    © luchavnn

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    I see most forms of art as spellcasting. I paint to put the viewer of my work in a different frame of consciousness. My ultimate goal is to use my form of spellcasting to open your subconscious. If my abstract forms can make you feel slightly uneasy my magic is doing it’s job. When I name my pieces several ideas come to mind. I have never painted anything that has one meaning. Most of it is music, all of it is color, some of it is sex and quite a bit of it is hurt. My art is abstract simply because the world is complicated and potentially limitless and that is what art should be .
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    From the album: Floral paintings by Millie King

    A yellow Day Lily set against a tapestry of garden of flowers. Sides are painted as a continuation of front- 20" x 16" x 1.5"- oil on Gallery Wrapped canvas Frame not needed. $265.00

    © Mildred King

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    From the album: Floral paintings by Millie King

    A richly colored Iris painting 24" x 12" Sold

    © Mildred King

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    From the album: Floral paintings by Millie King

    A Curly Petal Dahlia painting accentuating the abstract nature of the blossom 18" x 24" $600.

    © Mildred King

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    From the album: Katrinas Art

    © Katrina Krysta, 2011

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    From the album: Katrinas Art

    © Katrina Krystal, 2011

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    From the album: School Year Stuff

    My true description of the complication of the deffinition of Love
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    It's not difficult to make a woman happy. A man only needs to be: 1. A friend 2. A companion 3. A lover 4. A brother 5. A father 6. A master 7. A chef 8. An electrician 9. A carpenter 10. A plumber 11. A mechanic 12. A decorator 13. A stylist 14. A sexologist 15. A gynaecologist 16. A psychologist 17. A pest exterminator 18. A psychiatrist 19. A healer 20. A good listener 21. An organizer 22. A good father 23. Very clean 24. Sympathetic 25. Athletic 26. Warm 27. Attentive 28. Gallant 29. Intelligent 30. Funny 31. Creative 32. Tender 33. Strong 34. Understanding 35. Tolerant 36. Prudent 37. Ambitious 38. Capable 39. Courageous 40. Determined 41. True 42. Dependable 43. Passionate 44. Compassionate WITHOUT FORGETTING TO: 45. Give her compliments regularly 46. Love shopping 47. Be honest 48. Be very rich 49. Not stress her out 50. Not look at other girls AND AT THE SAME TIME, YOU MUST ALSO: 51. Give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself 52. Give her lots of time, especially time for herself 53. Give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes IT IS VERY IMPORTANT: 54. Never to forget: * birthdays * anniversaries * arrangements she makes HOW TO MAKE A MAN HAPPY: 1. Leave him alone
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    From the album: Complete Fine Art Works of Asbjorn Lonvig

    1 x Inks on Hahnem

    © Asbjorn Lonvig

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    From the album: Art Supplement Pieces

    Close-up view of painting 2 [Jar]
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    oil on canvas 15x18"in tel#(032)261-4300 cel#09062760818 email: jesie_james76@yahoo.com
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    And here's some more songs in the Flixx Band repertoire of covers: Abba medley, Sampaguita Medley, Queene medley, Styx medley, Only Reminds me of you, 70's Medley, Sweet Dreams, Where are you now, Question, Dream On, Straight from the Heart, My Humps, I live my life,
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    Maraming Salamat, Oftentimes, with the gift to describe with so many words, the many shades of light, and its complementing parts, darkness. Find myself speechless, kaibigan. Am humbled, enjoined hands, and extending a bow, proffer to you, and all, NAMASTE. Postscriptum: Originally means, I honor the divine in you.
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    Fuego Celestino 3. Para Lenora W. El Iniciante lleg? a la ciudad que nunca duerme, Nueva York. Durante el viaje, el rumbido constante del avi?n, llen? las horas del viaje con memorias oscilantes de su juventud, de sus a?os de mocedad y asombrosamanete, ese viaje lleg? a una velocidad incre?blemente r?pida. El pasaje a su alrededor, enteramente blanca y llena de nubes. Nubes tan resplancecientes que cegaban, en la ausencia de lentes oscuras, cegaban completamente. Esperando, de ni?a a mujer, esper? a una distancia inmensa. Su esp?ritu libre, en un santuario d?bil, esper? su defensa ante una inquisici?n contempor?nea. La ni?a, a?nque en el presente mujer, esper? en una inocencia. Apareciendo en el horizonte, jinetes gigantesco del destino apocal?ptico perfilandose contra un espiritu libre, en u santuario debilitado por las circunstancias y el tiempo. Al ver al Iniciante, solamente cabalgaron, en compaňia, a su alrededor. Por razones inexplicables, el l?der no se acerc?, ni su compaňia atrevieron asomar una mirada, en esta misi?n. Mientras que la esperanza llenaba el vac?o y la oscuridad. Como gotas de agua que brotaban del cielo, lluvia no era, solamente l?grimas compasionante del Iniciante, en cada gota, reflejaba una luz intensa. Luci?rnaga no era. Luna no era. Sol tampoco, Simplementa, una la luz Celestina . . . Copyright, Febrero 3, 2006 Eduardo A. Cong Poeta y dramaturgo, Nueva York, N. Y. E. U. Revisado Febrero 4, 2006
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    Coreograf?a en el Cielo. For Lisa S. Tunay Kayumangin Kaligatan, Her feet were as light as the clouds in heavens, and if eagles were in soaring flight, she seemed to have danced upon more than a surface of a tree, perhaps, its leaves. The music, with its percussions beats, rhythmically shared steps of heartfelt beats. Senza catene, in her dance, as the waves, combing through the sands of Palawan beaches. Puerto Princesa was just a short distance away and still yet, she remained silent to the keys of these thoughts. Upon a notebook, as an island, she remained, unwittingly or is it witting, silent? She was in her silence, as the pen soared in flight, focused and drawn solemnly to the sounds of heartfelt beats, percussively above the waves she appears, magically, to have been walking on. Culture being the blue print for behavior, lighting needed to lead for the percussions of the thunder. Intermittent thoughts conceived was seen and heard while walking between worlds, yet wings needed to rise above the oceans of the world, and for the initiate?s soaring to be complete, Wind and Oceans meet . . . Copyright, January 21, 2006. Eduardo A. Cong Poet and playwright, San Diego, CA. USA.
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    "After we have mastered the waves, tides and gravity, we shall harness for god, the energies of love. Then, for the second time in the history of mankind, we would have discovered fire." Dr. Pierre Teilhard deChardin, Jesuit priest, Physical Anthropologist, Poet, Theologian, Philosopher, etc. For the readers, thanks! Am continually humbled in the interests given these thoughts, wings. As soon as time permits, will have an active website. Victor, my UK/Philippines' best kaibigan has beeen more than generous in allowing these expressions, in all of its flaws. Thanks, Merci, Gracias, Salamat, Xie_xie! Eduardo A. Cong. Poet and playwright.
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    Piel Canela Para Lisa S. "Tunay Kayumangin Kaligatan." En tu Piel Canela, canto al tr?pico de las Filipinas, y aunque a una distancia de ella, me llen?ste la pluma de tinta. Al f?n, pude escribir esa tarde. Y, porque fuiste la tinta, pude yo, escribir. . . Las palomas callejeras del centro de Manila ten?an que cederte el paso, y yo, crearte un pasaje. . . Tu sonrisa, casi celestial, vest?a una noche llena de estrellas luminosamente placenteras. A?nque en c?rculos ajenos a tu voluntad, te prohibieron hablar, y de peor, estar con el poeta, ?ang makata.? Como las estrellas, que despiertan en el oscuro vientre de la noche; quise que despertaras. Entre los comentarios est?riles, el desierto de ?amistades,? que llen? tus o?dos. Decidir, entre luz y oscuridad, luz en existencia por necesidad de la otra, siendo partes de la misma energ?a Llevar?an a tus puertas, la plena conciencia de luz. Y el poeta, ?ang makata,? simplemente esperar, en fantasia . . . Copyright, August 15, 2005. Eduardo A. Cong. Poet and playwright, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA; USA.
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    Celestine Fire. For Lenora, NY. Snow never came, though very cold, and the underground roar of that silver dragon belched its heat from each stop. Entering and exiting the subways were the trails layered with steps from commuters racing against time. The snow had not the time or place to sit on, as the devouring dragon consumed each rider, as well as the snowflakes before departing the clouds. It was a transforming fire upon each dancing crystals of hydrogen and oxygen long before its descent on the concrete jungle. Amazingly enough, the weather did not halter the predators or, prey?s survival skills. The festive mood was prevalent all through Manhattan?s face and joining the crowd was a stranger in paradise. Dressed in all black attire was the elusive stranger, As if giving time a new meaning in a city that never sleeps by walking slowly. Steps were barely noticeable from its full length black coat worn. Its continuing motion contrasted with the commuters rushing by through its shadowed silhouette. Simultaneously, at North General Hospital, speechless, his guest?s voice was completely void from the years of smoking. She wittingly waited, as she was rushed from intensive care, into a general room. Any prayer aloud was silenced by the effects of the consumption of far too many charcoals born from nicotine. Charcoals that stood defiantly along the respiratory track, strangling thousands of living cells, of life . . . Though the inevitable were yet to come to many relatives and friends; the stranger kept focused and walking towards his destiny. Greenwich Village was littered with people, and quite a distance from the destined meeting place. A couple of a thousand of miles away, before an ultimatum had been given, and finalized. The firmament stood still in principle of physics. She asked: ?When is your vacation?? From that moment on, a series of events became unleashed. The stranger in paradise recessed the journey, subject to the principles of cause and effect . . . Light began to shine, on the periphery of each cell, an implosion, at the molecular, cellular level . . . Quantum Physics began its manifestation, in the very source of all life, energy within another traveler?s soul took on its role. Some call it faith, others know it as light, Initiates have always known it as the Celestine fire . . . Copyright December 16, 2005 Eduardo A. Cong. Poet and playwright. New York, N.Y. USA.