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    Hey guys and girls, I hav startd streaming my art! Watch it here: https://www.picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=FunkyBoy Does anyone else do this?
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    From the album: Drawings and sketches

    This was another practice sketch that I did from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards, back in 2005 when I was trying to get back into art after a 30-year break. This little exercise was based on copying a portrait of Gustave Corbet, and it introduced the use of charcoal with a little bit of shading here and there.
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    From the album: Drawings and sketches

    Another early practice drawing from when I started trying to get back into art in 2005. I did a series of sketches and drawings back then, before moving on to pastels. None of those early sketches would have been at all possible, had it not been for the confidence that I gained after reading and doing some of the practice exercises in a wonderful book called Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. This was the lovely Faye - from Boston, apparently!! To be honest, I can't remember where I got the inspiration for the sketch but it was most probably copied from a photo in Playboy magazine, or somesuch!
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    A pretty orange and brown butterfly on a purple flower
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    I see most forms of art as spellcasting. I paint to put the viewer of my work in a different frame of consciousness. My ultimate goal is to use my form of spellcasting to open your subconscious. If my abstract forms can make you feel slightly uneasy my magic is doing it’s job. When I name my pieces several ideas come to mind. I have never painted anything that has one meaning. Most of it is music, all of it is color, some of it is sex and quite a bit of it is hurt. My art is abstract simply because the world is complicated and potentially limitless and that is what art should be .
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    O.. Yes, A lot of women too. Caricature Caricature artist
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    From the album: Floral paintings by Millie King

    A Prickly Pear Cactus in bloom set against a Southwest landscape. 18"x24" Sold

    © Mildred King

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    From the album: Floral paintings by Millie King

    I am grateful to the photographer of this beautiful photo for the Dahlia Society who gave me permission to use his image for reference in this painting. I added some changes,but the drama's all mine Oil on canvas-18" x24"

    © Mildred King

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    MJ's Hair was sold for 10k on line the other day the gross part it was hair from a shower drain, and you are all aware he is bald
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    From the album: Katrinas Art

    © Katrina Krystal, 2011

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    From the album: my art

    acrylic on canvas 10"x10"
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    In our world of the knowledge explosion and burgeoning information far beyond the capacity of any ordinary mortal to keep up on more than a sliver, a small portion, of it all, I was not surprised when yet another artist--unknown to me--was given a TV bio-pic1 last night. Lucian Freud, now 89, has been at the game of life more than two decades than I. He has gained a pre-eminence among British artists, a celebrity status, far beyond anything I will achieve even if I live to be a centenarian. Jurgen Habermas has achieved a celebrity status in the field of sociology, but people with little knowledge of sociology will not know of this intellectual giant. One also needs to know more than a little about the field of history to be familiar with Peter Gay, and I could go on and on through the fields of knowledge to mention names with which only those who are connoisseurs or scholars in those fields are familiar.
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    From the album: NIAGARA FALLS CANADA

    This was our hotel both times we visted Niagara Falls.

    © (c)

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    From the album: Special drawing technique

    ARTIST:RAFI TALBY Special original drawing technique Finishing and polishing with a digital this Digital file (jpg 17.5 mega) is available for sale with PayPal And can be downloaded or sent directly by email after payment PRICE: only 2 us Dollar my site: http://rafitalby.webs.com Print this picture (Several dimensionsin,high resolution,Excellent quality) is available also at: www.redbubble.com/people/rafitalby http://rafi-talby.fineartamerica.com http://RT3D.imagekind.com http://rt3d.deviantart.com http://www.zazzle.com/rafitalby http://rafitalby.finerworks.com for more Details: rt3d64@gmail.com enjoy!


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    From the album: Complete Fine Art Works of Asbjorn Lonvig

    1 x Inks on Hahnem

    © Asbjorn Lonvig

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    From the album: ARCHEOPHOTO Collectio J.A.Votypka

    foto dia 7x7 cm kolorovan

    © Free

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    Australian, English, Danish, French, German, and United States acrylic paints on Masonite surface. Paint agitated with brushes, palette knives, sponges, metal nails, chopsticks, hair dryer and air blown from my mouth. Original paint approximately 25" X 19" Available for purchase.

    © Fredrick Bernanke

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    From the album: kwh cartoon album

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    From the album: kwh cartoon album

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    From the album: Art Supplement Pieces

    Close-up view of painting 2 [Jar]
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    It took years for me to learn some very basic stuff about photographing my art. Todays point and shoot digital cameras are so much better, but be careful, there are some very special features that you really have got to have in order to shoot oil paintings. One feature that will allow you to get about 95% glare out of the print! Using a CPL filter, circular polarizing lens. More info here on how to get the lens for your camera, or at least what to look for on the camera to see if you can even add it! What features to look for in a digital camera and more info on actually shooting the work. Shooting your own work the easy way!
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    This is just a test . . . Problems in posting. Alhambra . . . Alhambra, you shone above. All, Andalucian cities had seen. Your splendor amidst the thick tropical foliage surrounding your castle, The carefully engineered irrigation system of pools and waterfalls, the combined sustaining pillars and towers, and even channels were designed to keep you eternally a garden in the future of mankind?s children mind . . . We had a story to tell, and across the Gibraltar we chose to tell it. From afar, for posterity to know we were then, very ancient souls . . . The wizardry you caste on the entire Europe, was equaled by none given the time you appeared. In a Moslem world of your own, A god and prophet of your own, you Africa, were the cradle of mankind?s birth and in this fact, you shone. Bienvenue, Adam and Eve . . . The distinctions and subtleties in semantics, whether of Moorish, Arab, and Jewish hues, in which your genius shone for us to know that you were Unequaled then, and leaving ample documentary records to testify of your genius . . . We had a story to tell . . . While had been walking the paved streets of cobbled stone you created, the tolerance you accepted as a way of life, from Christians and Berber?s faith, alike . . . Inhaling of the tree?s moisture in this walk, I heard the loud waterfalls stream down the channels you created, For all to enjoy, as you did yesterday. The seventh century was a the creation in ?Europa,? Of another civilizing wave, while in a motion-filled stream, the symbols you created remains, after centuries of your absence, your tactful presence for generations and generations on mankind?s mind . . . We had a documented story to share. It is no mistake upon entering C?rdoba, Spain, we find the greeting: ?The City of the Patrimony of mankind? Copyright, Monday, October 27, 2003. Eduardo A. Cong. Poet and playwright. Granada, Spain.
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    Fuego Celestino 3. Para Lenora W. El Iniciante lleg? a la ciudad que nunca duerme, Nueva York. Durante el viaje, el rumbido constante del avi?n, llen? las horas del viaje con memorias oscilantes de su juventud, de sus a?os de mocedad y asombrosamanete, ese viaje lleg? a una velocidad incre?blemente r?pida. El pasaje a su alrededor, enteramente blanca y llena de nubes. Nubes tan resplancecientes que cegaban, en la ausencia de lentes oscuras, cegaban completamente. Esperando, de ni?a a mujer, esper? a una distancia inmensa. Su esp?ritu libre, en un santuario d?bil, esper? su defensa ante una inquisici?n contempor?nea. La ni?a, a?nque en el presente mujer, esper? en una inocencia. Apareciendo en el horizonte, jinetes gigantesco del destino apocal?ptico perfilandose contra un espiritu libre, en u santuario debilitado por las circunstancias y el tiempo. Al ver al Iniciante, solamente cabalgaron, en compaňia, a su alrededor. Por razones inexplicables, el l?der no se acerc?, ni su compaňia atrevieron asomar una mirada, en esta misi?n. Mientras que la esperanza llenaba el vac?o y la oscuridad. Como gotas de agua que brotaban del cielo, lluvia no era, solamente l?grimas compasionante del Iniciante, en cada gota, reflejaba una luz intensa. Luci?rnaga no era. Luna no era. Sol tampoco, Simplementa, una la luz Celestina . . . Copyright, Febrero 3, 2006 Eduardo A. Cong Poeta y dramaturgo, Nueva York, N. Y. E. U. Revisado Febrero 4, 2006
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    Costa del Sol. Marbella, Rinconcillo y Estepona, sobre tus orillas y playas camin?. Cu?n hermosa eran tus distantes arenas. Sentado sobre una roca al pies del Mediterr?neo, bajo una noche llena de estrellas, la memoria de tu sonrisa en una flor llev?. En esa ausencia, tu palpitantemente presencia, llen? esta noche de tu silencio tan permanente como estas arenas de Marbella. Dando hogar al vac?o en estas playas del Mediterr?neo, tus labios y tu voz. Cada vez, que a su alrededor paseaba, en t? pensaba. Aunque me llenas de memorias en cada grano de arena, En t?, poesia ve?a. Si por casualidad hall? una flor entre lo oscuro de tu cabellera, y tus orejas, es porque de tus labios, tu sonrisas, llenaron mi noche de la fragrancia tuya como una flor. Copyright, Monday, October 27, 2003 Eduardo A. Cong, Poet and playwright, Algeciras, Spain.
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