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    It turns out the problems I was having with uploading images were related to the Internet Service Provider that I was using at the time - not the site. Anyway, I managed to improve a few things along the way, so you should find that your images upload a lot quicker now - ISP notwithstanding!!
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    I see most forms of art as spellcasting. I paint to put the viewer of my work in a different frame of consciousness. My ultimate goal is to use my form of spellcasting to open your subconscious. If my abstract forms can make you feel slightly uneasy my magic is doing it’s job. When I name my pieces several ideas come to mind. I have never painted anything that has one meaning. Most of it is music, all of it is color, some of it is sex and quite a bit of it is hurt. My art is abstract simply because the world is complicated and potentially limitless and that is what art should be .
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    Hello Welcome to my Webiste. http://luchavnn.weebly.com/ luchavnn
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    Thanks for my easter bunny chocolate chai. i know that i told you that in person but i wanted to tell you that through art freaks too !!!
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