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    From the album: Waaj Foto Natur

    Well... It sound's better than "32-P1470823.JPG" smb
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    From the album: Denmark

    After a four mile walk through the countryside, just to get a beer, this was the view as I finally came into Kalundborg on a late summer's afternoon.
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    From the album: Waaj Foto Natur

    Pretty pink flowers... One day, Waaj will stop posting images as "101_0034.JPG"!!!
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    From the album: GARFIELD ( My Big Guy )

    It was up to 20 degrees C today and Garf was able to get for a bit and walk around.
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    From the album: kwh cartoon album

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    Glimpses of Southern India. A photo assignment of street-life and other scenes. A colourful market stall, selling sugar, salt and other daily necessities. If you are planning a wedding, anywhere in India, consult the experts! nikhilbhide-theweddingplanner.com
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    From the album: andrew richard rose , Paintings 2010

    Acrylic on canvas 90cm x 90cm

    © andrichrose 2010

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    From the album: Sikander's Art works

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahib Sketch

    © sikander singh

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    From the album: Drawings and sketches

    This was another practice sketch that I did from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards, back in 2005 when I was trying to get back into art after a 30-year break. This little exercise was based on copying a portrait of Gustave Corbet, and it introduced the use of charcoal with a little bit of shading here and there.
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    From the album: Drawings and sketches

    Another early practice drawing from when I started trying to get back into art in 2005. I did a series of sketches and drawings back then, before moving on to pastels. None of those early sketches would have been at all possible, had it not been for the confidence that I gained after reading and doing some of the practice exercises in a wonderful book called Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. This was the lovely Faye - from Boston, apparently!! To be honest, I can't remember where I got the inspiration for the sketch but it was most probably copied from a photo in Playboy magazine, or somesuch!
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    From the album: sms photos

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    yep i wanted to draw a picture to this fireflies song by owl city too so here ya go XD

    © &copy blueshinewolf (me)

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    Yeppers. And I wonder why I haven't posted these either. D: Anyway, these are concepts and main ideas of some T.S. spirit guardians: The lightning/storm spirit, the galaxy/star spirit, and the fire spirit. These are messy, but I just needed to get these down as a main idea before I moved on further with the comic. I decided to put them together and show you guys though. Enjoy!

    © &copy blueshinewolf

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    From the album: Projects

    Done using a woodburning kit.
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    From the album: Original oil Paintings

    ARTIST: RAFI TALBY 60cm x 80cm oil on wood (Masonite) Original oil Painting A handmade frame for more Details: rt3d64@gmail.com

    © &copy RAFI TALBY

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    From the album: Ships Of The Great Lakes

    Seen here exiting lock 3 Welland Canal.1997
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    From the album: My Drawings :)

    I know this looks like i copied bugs bunny, but i really didnt, i would say i made up my own cartoon rabbits, i made a scene of a beach and i liked the colours, it gave a warm relaxing feeling to the picture.
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    From the album: Other Old Works

    watercolor on paper 20x30inches - 2003

    © &copy Samuel Penaso

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