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  1. Hey there. Tried your gallery link and it would not load properly, would you be able to send me the link another way?


  2. smb

    Hello! Welcome to artfreaks.com! :)

  3. Hi, I just found this site. I'm 30 years old and am from West Virginia. I just started painting recently, despite the fact that I can't even draw. I've never really been interested in art, as in, creating things, because I've never considered myself particularly creative let alone talented. I always have enjoyed taking pictures though since finally getting a cheap digital camera a few years ago. Well anyway, I will put my paintings up for sale on eBay as I get a few more completed. But for now, the first place to see what I've done and find newly completed pieces will be on my web site. Generally, my themes are along the lines of surreal, freaky, bizarre, gothic, horror and other dark stuff, although I'm also just another 'crazy old cat lady' and so I'm painting portraits of my cats now. But anyway, I'll leave the direct link to my gallery below. (Link deleted due to the fact that it is now "broken" - smb 2012/03/30)
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