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  1. Come back to ArtFreaks.com!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Long time, no see!

  4. kimi_09


    projects and likes. I'm a trying hard artist and this album contain pictures that I have been taking whenever I have the chance. feel free to criticize :D
  5. why didn't I saw this on Bob Ong's books? plus. why is it in english? oh. ok. this is an old post
  6. when I saw the thumbnail, I was really amazed and thought "God, I envy his job" coz you get to travel a lot. this picture is amazing. thanks for sharing it
  7. I call that shade of sky "watercolor blue" in my head so nice to look at.. =)
  8. I really like this one. very very nice. ^o^
  9. you are really good.. hmm
  10. My head just rotated 360 degrees this is so cool! I wish I could draw..
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