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    projects and likes. I'm a trying hard artist and this album contain pictures that I have been taking whenever I have the chance. feel free to criticize :D
  2. kimi_09


    From the album: pictures

    this is faye-Faye, my adorable god daughter wearing pink stripes tube and a skirt and see what she's drinking!
  3. why didn't I saw this on Bob Ong's books? plus. why is it in english? oh. ok. this is an old post
  4. when I saw the thumbnail, I was really amazed and thought "God, I envy his job" coz you get to travel a lot. this picture is amazing. thanks for sharing it
  5. I call that shade of sky "watercolor blue" in my head so nice to look at.. =)
  6. I really like this one. very very nice. ^o^
  7. you are really good.. hmm
  8. My head just rotated 360 degrees this is so cool! I wish I could draw..
  9. kimi_09


    From the album: pictures

    It's a fish pond typical in my hometown Paombong, Bulacan Philippines and known here as "Palaisdaan". Root word isda which is fish. You see the ground dividing it, it is what we call "PIRINSA / PILAPIL" here. It serves as a division as well as a foot trail for the care taker of the property.
  10. kimi_09

    the same bridge

    From the album: pictures

    This is no special bridge but you could see how it could be a source of hope for that kid.
  11. kimi_09


    From the album: pictures

    It is an earthware pot used as a storage of food, vinegar and water. Made from clay and originated in the Ilocos region of the Philippines.
  12. From the album: pictures

    I started with this shirt last March 03 and finished it last March 05. Materials used : Fabric dye, Textile Paint, plain shirt, brush and a pencil. I never thought posting it here but when Dan suggested it, I thought "why not?"
  13. it's crazy.. I'm really bad But I guess, the colors does the trick!
  14. kimi_09


    From the album: pictures

    I got addicted with the sky and I'm running out of titles I think trees and skies are one of the most poplular subject for pictures. Well, it is for me.
  15. Oh, thank you. You know, everytime I travel I make it to a point that I am seated at the window seat, for this.
  16. kimi_09

    a little light

    From the album: pictures

    The wall is made of hollow blocks. I think I failed to deliver a message here in this picture that it's the only light in the area that time.
  17. kimi_09

    little things

    From the album: pictures

    little flowering plants =) little thorny flowering plants.. little red thorny flowering plants
  18. kimi_09

    cotton candy clouds

    thank you. That's why I love posting pictures here, for the compliments
  19. kimi_09

    cotton candy clouds

    Aww, really? That's just luck and anyway, world-class? Whoa, that
  20. kimi_09

    black and white

    aww. thanks. I really love fishing for compliments But I have so much to learn about photography..
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