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  1. eww.. I don't like maggots...

    just by seeing them makes me feel so uncomfortable..

    so eww..

    yeah, TJ hotdogs are the best..

    I don't care if they're from worm meat as long as they won't kill me in a split second :)


  2. they won't cook the meat while it's full of maggots, they wait until it's all driedn up.

    it is the final resting place of the corpses..

    I don't remember what tribe it is but I'm dead sure that it's not reusable :)


  3. well, in Bulacan, a tapayan is used as a storage of vinegar..

    you know, SUKANG PAOMBONG :)

    but sometimes, its used as an err-- water container?


    you know, noon :)

    err-- I don't know how to tell you this in english but here it goes.

    "sa mga katutubo, ginagamit syang lalagyan nung taboo nila, they keep the meat until uuod-in siya at pag naagnas na yung karne, niluluto nila.. eww noh? :) "

    "sa ibang katutubo, sa tapayan nila inihihimlay or inilalagak yung mga corpse ng relatives nila"


    maybe next week, I'll post a photo of another angle of a tapayan..


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