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  1. From the album: pictures

    that's a cute plant from the Congress of the Philippines=)
  2. kimi_09

    black and white

    From the album: pictures

    I was supposed to join a photography contest at our school and the theme is "emotions" and it should be black and white. And here is my supposed to be entry for that competition which I didn't join. She's my friend Dayie.
  3. kimi_09

    green and orange

    From the album: pictures

    I think on a better camera and a little practise, this picture could have potential And I think that ball is called a Fitness Ball and often used in exercise videos.
  4. kimi_09

    green again

    From the album: pictures

    This plant is called ACHUETE and its seeds is used for coloring food.
  5. kimi_09

    green minded

    From the album: pictures

    All you could see is green. Let us preserve NATURE
  6. From the album: pictures

    It is the Biggest shoes in the world made in Marikina City, Philippines. And it was recognized by Guiness Book of World Records last December 2002. But according to my friend who lives in Marikina, that shoe in the picture is just a replica of the said pair of shoes above. MArikina is the shoe capital of the Philippines
  7. From the album: pictures

    my friends imitating *trying* the "evolution" theory. Ha! homo habilis, homo sapiens, homo erectus etc at BAYWALK. mahal kong Maynila Experience an amazing sunset at Manila Baywalk. Bring your love ones with you
  8. kimi_09

    the chapel

    From the album: pictures

    That's a chapel in a memorial park. Brings back the memories, huh?
  9. kimi_09

    the giant toblerone

    thanks ^^ the giant chocolate boxes form toblerone.. no chocolates inside just boxes ^^
  10. From the album: pictures

    that's the school's source of water : the water tank that looks awfully like a UFO
  11. From the album: pictures

    it's a giant toblerone. I kinda adjusted the color and put a little something so nobody could take credits^^ ?? Who wouldn't want a giant chocolate????????? It's just shame it's empty. Only for display and "pictorial purposes"
  12. kimi_09

    looking for food

    From the album: pictures

    A chicken scratching around in the yard - looking for food, of course!! You could see on the background a broomstick, some pieces of wood and dirt.
  13. nope... wrong guess that bridge is located in Bulacan..
  14. From the album: pictures

    Sunrise at the bridge. I just love how it seems the colors ruptured at the sky.
  15. kimi_09


    eww.. I don't like maggots... just by seeing them makes me feel so uncomfortable.. so eww.. yeah, TJ hotdogs are the best.. I don't care if they're from worm meat as long as they won't kill me in a split second LOL
  16. kimi_09


    they won't cook the meat while it's full of maggots, they wait until it's all driedn up. it is the final resting place of the corpses.. I don't remember what tribe it is but I'm dead sure that it's not reusable LOL
  17. kimi_09


    well, in Bulacan, a tapayan is used as a storage of vinegar.. you know, SUKANG PAOMBONG but sometimes, its used as an err-- water container? you know, noon err-- I don't know how to tell you this in english but here it goes. "sa mga katutubo, ginagamit syang lalagyan nung taboo nila, they keep the meat until uuod-in siya at pag naagnas na yung karne, niluluto nila.. eww noh? " "sa ibang katutubo, sa tapayan nila inihihimlay or inilalagak yung mga corpse ng relatives nila" ^__^ maybe next week, I'll post a photo of another angle of a tapayan..
  18. kimi_09


    From the album: pictures

    The tapayan is a very versatile storage vessel in the Philippines. It can be used for ALL SORTS OF THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. kimi_09

    in the darkness

    From the album: pictures

    A candle in the dark! There's some trouble with Meralco (the supplier of energy here in the Philippines) and we have to use a candle to have some light. The emergency light is nowhere to be found ^o^
  20. kimi_09


    From the album: pictures

    A beautiful sunset over a rice field, (palayan,) full of green, young "palay," in Bulucan Province, Philippines
  21. kimi_09

    good friday

    From the album: pictures

    Good Friday rituals in a town in Bulacan Province, Philippines It is called "Hampas-dugo" Hampas which is HIT and dugo is blood. This serves as a tradition and a sacrifice for men which symbolizes penitence.
  22. From the album: pictures

    Street-life near the Divine Mercy church - Bulacan, Philippines
  23. kimi_09


    From the album: pictures

    A view from the North Luzon Expressway, heading North from Manila, Philippines

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