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    From the album: pictures

    View of a lake somewhere in the Philippines - with blue, flat-calm water - just like a mirror - palm fronds and the branches of a coppiced tree in the foreground.

    © &copy kimi_09

  2. kimi_09


    aww.. it's fun! though it feels like your ears will blown off or something
  3. kimi_09


    From the album: pictures

    A mountain road in Baguio, Benguet Province. At 5,000 feet, or about 1400m above sea level, Baguio is still known by many as the "Summer Capital" of the Philippines. (The term dates back to the days when the city was built by the American colonial powers as a recreational and administrative centre - from where they could preside over their precious tropical colony without having to work up too much of a sweat!) These days, the city is more widely known as the "City of Pines." Baguio could also be justifiably called the "City of Flowers." The cool mountain climate around the city makes the area ideal for the cultivation of vegetables and flowers - and Baguio has one of the biggest annual flower festivals in the country.

    © @copy kimi_09

  4. kimi_09

    foot trail

    I'm walking when I took that shot see our house on the right side of the picture:)
  5. kimi_09

    foot trail

    From the album: pictures

    A path through the woods... Somewhere in the Philippines!

    © &copi kimi_09

  6. kimi_09

    swan lake?

    I never been at Laguna de Bay
  7. kimi_09

    swan lake?

    THIS IS NOT A LAKE:) just a fishpond owned by our family time : sunset
  8. kimi_09

    swan lake?

    Picture of a lake - somewhere in the Philippines
  9. kimi_09

    bingo!! :)

    B-I-N-G-O Bingo!
  10. A blue sky, with light patches of cumulostratus clouds. Photo taken somewhere in the Philippines
  11. that's not a original. I copied it.. for a good cause for my math project
  12. kimi_09


    maybe off to work... it's 7 am when I took that shot.. it's a bit blured coz I used my cam fone... tapos nakasakay pa ako sa bus
  13. kimi_09


    He's off to work. I never learned how to ride a bike.
  14. kimi_09

    the kid

    this picture was taken from the window of a bus. The kid was asking for alms. Give him alms..
  15. kimi_09

    the tree

    off the road.. A tree from NLEX Pampanga, Philippines
  16. I used this for a project in trigonometry and I used watercolor in this picture.
  17. Again, I used this for my Trigonometry project back in high school an made a Linear Equation out it.
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