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  1. 'Good to see you back here!

  2. Cheshire Cat


    Forms created with white line technique
  3. Stunningly beautiful and erotic in a deeply satisfying way
  4. Your work has a rare vibrancy, I enjoy it very much
  5. Cheshire Cat

    Terror in the Nursery

    A place where adult women take the place of fairy tale characters, but find themselves at a disadvantage and babysitters are shrunk and chsatised by their charges
  6. The Lady in the Camellia Unheard I can still see your unspoken words, Unheard yet reverberating in A resonance of sweet harmonious dissonance, Overtones my eyes recognise as colours But which my ears fail to comprehend. And in their watery reflections, Your eyes also have their music Transparent and wordless like unvoiced vowels Silent like the camellia I hold in my hand. And if I tilt this flower And you come tumbling out, Wings ruffled and delicious in your impotent rage Would you not utter a single admonishing phrase I gaze upon the flower, this miniature garden Glorying in nature's flawless imperfections, And see only the product of a sterile yard, No faerie, no feminine presence Nothing more than a garden weed. Perhaps all this is not music, not poetry, No garden of words and other intelligible sounds, No lost language a tiny human being might speak, Only the end note of the last lark, Rising on its final evening ascent, The note not even he can hear nor even knows he's uttered, The note that neither bids goodbye nor greets in open arms, But simply says, "You are Alone," The cold autumnal night has descended I am lost. I must find my own way home. © Chesya 2007
  7. Thank you, Victor, for the membership. Hi, I couldn't see anywhere to post an intro so I thought I'd do it here with an odd rag bag of pics. I chose the image server because of the large thumbnails and wouldn't invite anyone without a pop-up blocker to click on them - it's not an attempt at spamming, it's just that any decent image server tends to ban me.
  8. Hello! Welcome to ArtFreaks.com! Happy posting! :)

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