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  1. The soft parade continues...unnoticed now....
  2. Merry Christmas to all my viewers, Paul[font="Georgia"
  3. Getting older....

    1. smb


      But still young at heart, I hope! :)

    2. smb


      And I am going to say this again...

      Happy Birthday! :D

  4. Great style and colour contrasts in your pictures. Full marks. Paul
  5. Very unique style Debbie & interesting use of media in your 4 pictures. Let's see some more! Best wishes Paul
  6. Yes, great work ~ let's see some more

  7. Many thanks good friend for your remark. Paul
  8. I'm much impressed by your ability to convey such stark emotions in your three sketches. Perhaps sadly, I can connect/empathise with these images. Excellent work, Best wishes Paul O'Donovan
  9. Thanks again for your comment. I was humbly pleased with this result too. Human subjects were photographed in Nottingham Market Square - figures cut out from original background followed by adjustments to exposure, contrast, and painting in photoshop. Then superimposed over a seperate chosen landscape - similarly part photo with paint & texture overlay. I'm flattered by your enquiry. Best wishes Paul (paul.odonovan@virgin.net)
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