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    I love art, movies and music and my best friend forever ;)

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  1. Eyeless Entity

    Surrealism & Macabre

    Some imagery containing both colored paintings and Black & white drawings. This has not a specific theme other than it's dark, dreamy and weird.
  2. Very great, Full of motion!
  3. Some sketches and drawings of emotions such as depression, self-hatred, fear and hopelessness.
  4. Happy birthday, (again!) Come back!!

  5. Happy birthday! :)

    (...or should that be; Have a miserable one!?!!)

  6. Hehe thank you! I could almost agree to that ^^

  7. Hello and welcome to ArtFReaks.com! Your "About Me" reminds me of the time when my sister-in-law said to me; "You are only happy when you are miserable!" ;-)

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