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  1. Comment: I have about 3,000 hours of life drawing practice - only practice -in my studio, professional training connected to the analysis of graphic expressions and unspeakable pain and dedication. Betty Edwards is good, I have two of her books and agree with most of her theories. However, I do not think it is necessary to go through so complicated exercises. The time can be used more effectively. One must have a serious goal before him. All he has to do is to get rid of unhealthy opinions which alter perfect incoming information into a display of deficiencies on the paper. Modern artists do not seem capable of any sacrifices. Even some of the famous ones. An illustration from Mr. Herringer's book "Zen in the art of archery": The Master explains the principle - (it's rather difficult to get without long experience...) 1 Knock the arrow 2 Draw 3 Do not shoot, IT shoots! Unless you understand this, you have a long way to go. Excuse the preacher, it is for your own good. www.oldrichnos.com
  2. It's good to see you back here again!

  3. Introduction to three-dimensional photography Personal history At tender age of 13, I was given my first camera by an old man living on other end of village. It was this 8 x10 inch glass plate camera which started my journey. I never had my plates or films developed by lab, did all by myself and ruined much of it. But I learned When graduating to colour, it was Agfacolor. If I remember correctly, the main ingredient in their developer was di-ethyl paraphenylendiaminsulphate. Later in Canada, in an art studio of my own I blossomed into three-dimensional branch. I was proficient and had experiences, so I was able to teach 3-D course at the renown Sheridan College. However, despite my expertise and fully equipped photo studio I was not interested in starting a business. The cost of material was prohibitive and I did not have the conscience to charge the customers more. Besides, I had well paid and steady job. This applies equally to all other art. When moving to Philippines I lost most of my equipment to evil people, some gave away virtually free. My knowledge nobody can take away from me. Lesson 1 - Three-dimensional vision. Humans have two front-facing eyes with distance between some 2 and half inches. This is the basis of our perception of space. Second important input for our brain to work with is ability of our eyes to accommodate, change curvature in eye’s lens in order to focus on near and distant objects. Changing curvature of lens accomplished by different tension in the lens muscles is simultaneous with convergence, which is ability to move, change direction the eye axes point from acute angle employed in looking at close objects to parallel when focussing onto horizon. In taking and viewing three-dimensional, also called “stereo” images only the first two requirements, distance between camera lenses and between our ayes and eye convergence are functional. Next, lesson 2 - how the pictures are taken. No big deal.
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  5. I have been disconnected from the art circles and my studio, used to have models coming once, twice a week. Now for seven long years I have difficulty finding a group or people interested in forming one. FOR LIFE'S SAKE ! http://www.oldrichnos.com (recent change)
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