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  1. LoganDreams

    Amateur art pieces :D

    This album is basically all my artworks. :D Please leave me comments on how I should improve. :D Thanks.
  2. From the album: Amateur art pieces :D

    Drew this with a purple pen last night when I couldn't sleep~ Was only testing out my skills for not drawing for such a long time. So... I hope you like it c: I'm very bad with titles so... :$
  3. Cheryl Tay 's room is the perfect room for horror movies! It's full of bugs and feathers and MORE BUGS!

  4. The cold weather has got me into the Christmas mood! Isn't that nice, :D

  5. Jbieber's such a nice guy.

  6. I'm already packing my stuffs! :DDD

  7. It's official. The perfect man on earth is Logan Lerman! <3

  8. I wonder if artists can have refunds for their souls


  10. Great. Now my hand smells bananas. STINKY

    1. smb


      Hmmm... Any particular reason why?!!

  11. D major chord is hard D:

  12. Junction 8, here I come! :D

  13. One, twenty one guns!

  14. "There's a world out there that we should see" - Far East Movement

  15. I wonder if I'll be able to finish painting within the next 3 days..

    1. smb


      I wonder if I'll be able to finish painting within the next 3 years! I think that you are doing alright! :)

    2. LoganDreams
  16. LoganDreams

    Mad Lady

    My friends said that too! Thanks for your comment!
  17. LoganDreams


    Please help me choose which one of these two drawings is better in expressing an emotion! Thanks :D
  18. LoganDreams

    Mad Lady

    From the album: HELP

    Is this better than Happy Blonde?
  19. LoganDreams

    Happy Blonde

    From the album: HELP

    Is this better than Mad lady?
  20. Can you give me some tips on how to make shadows for my characters? I really suck at it :P

  21. Next week's a school holiday! I'll probably be drawing more random characters! :D

    1. smb


      We are looking forward to seeing them! :)

    2. LoganDreams


      I'm looking forward to it myself too! :D

    3. FunkyBoy


      Oh aye! Lets see more!

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