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  • smb

  1. smb

    Come back, Jim. artfreaks.com is alive and kicking!

  2. smb

    Happy Birthday Jim!

  3. Jim


    The City Of Kingston Ontario Canada and the surrounding area homes are very rich in history.Mainly constructed of limestone and the further away you get from Kingston they are then constructed from sandstone.Next to the "BIG RIGS" this is my favorite subject to photograph.It will be twice as good now with my new Canon SX 30 IS.
  4. smb

    Well the ones that I want to paint are the historic houses but the big rig trucks and the Niagra Falls photos are all great!

  5. Jim

    Hi again Vic just a quick question for you ....out of all my postings(photos) what do you enjoy seeing most?

  6. Jim

    I,m checking here in Art Freaks as well and nothing here either.

  7. Jim

    Ships Of The Great Lakes

    Here you will find all the various types of ships on the Great Lakes of North America. Some have long since gone to the bone yard and many others are still sailing (older ones) under different names and with different Great Lakes Companies. The main types here are either straight deck bulk carriers - meaning they depend on a shore based unloading facility for means of unloading their cargo. Such as coal,grain or iron ore pellets. Many others seen here are of the self unloading variety. Meaning they have a fixed unloading belt drive system to discharge their cargo to the shore facility.
  8. Jim

    Historic Buildings

    These are some of the historic and old buildings in the surrounding area where I live. Be sure to look closely because a lot of the photos have direct links to the info on that particular place in the photo.
  9. Jim

    Mars - Kayne copy.jpg

    Over all your a pretty good artist for this sort of thing.My Step-son is into this sort of thing as well.
  10. Jim

    vegeta stuff 002.jpg

    Have to say If I were to pick one it would have to be this one. Well done.
  11. This album consists of bulk carriers in the Welland Canal.The bypass for the Great Niagara Falls.Located between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario,Canada and the U.S.A. The ships are raised several feet between these 2 major Great Lakes.They enter to the west from Lake Erie into Lock 8.From there it is roughly an 8 hour trip through the 8 lock system to Lake Ontario to the east.From there the ships transit the St.Lawrence Seaway down the St.Lawrence River to another series of locks near Montreal Quebec and into the Atlantic.
  12. Jim

    GARFIELD ( My Big Guy )

    This is dedicated to my "BIG GUY" Garfield my best friend in the whole world.
  13. I started a new blog that I hope everyone will contribute to as I am curious as to where exactly on this big blue marble folks live.

  14. Jim

    Where Exactly Do You Live??

    Show everyone if you want to that is exactly where you live.
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