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    The City Of Kingston Ontario Canada and the surrounding area homes are very rich in history.Mainly constructed of limestone and the further away you get from Kingston they are then constructed from sandstone.Next to the "BIG RIGS" this is my favorite subject to photograph.It will be twice as good now with my new Canon SX 30 IS.
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    Limestone Home

    From the album: HISTORIC HOMES

  3. Jim

    Limestone Home

    From the album: HISTORIC HOMES

  4. Jim

    Large Limestone Home

    From the album: HISTORIC HOMES

    Now turned into a small business residents.
  5. Jim

    Hi again Vic just a quick question for you ....out of all my postings(photos) what do you enjoy seeing most?

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    I,m checking here in Art Freaks as well and nothing here either.

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    Ships Of The Great Lakes

    Here you will find all the various types of ships on the Great Lakes of North America. Some have long since gone to the bone yard and many others are still sailing (older ones) under different names and with different Great Lakes Companies. The main types here are either straight deck bulk carriers - meaning they depend on a shore based unloading facility for means of unloading their cargo. Such as coal,grain or iron ore pellets. Many others seen here are of the self unloading variety. Meaning they have a fixed unloading belt drive system to discharge their cargo to the shore facility.
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