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    i love to take pictures in dark.. :)
  1. true angel

    random shots

    these are some of the random shots...
  2. true angel

    conceptual photography.

    conceptual photography.
  3. true angel

    reddish rose..

    the blend of red as my bleed and a loving heart as a rose which i always waited to get from you and a small droplet in the ocean of life within the flower makes this short more special to me.. That one special droplet in this pic is nt jus water bt my bleed for you..... hope one day you will see how much i love you..
  4. true angel

    Blue my love..

    oops i tried looking up my album but don't have the complete table pic.. sorry
  5. Hehe! '...Will do!

  6. true angel

    Power of Blue

    I love these shots...
  7. is in search of paradise....

  8. true angel

    Blue my love..

    Its a low base traditional Indian tea table.. I was doing some random macro.. Love these..
  9. thanks.. back in action.. Jus remind me once in a while ;)

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