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    This video shows how to create a latest topics block, showing the full post, and then adding that block to a new page.
  3. This video shows off some of the user interface you can expect to see in the article management area of the ACP.
  4. Learn how to use the new "Promote to Article" feature to copy a post to the articles section.
  5. Just drop me an e-mail to: enquiries@artfreaks.com Or you can send a pm (Private Message) via this board to "smb." (I don't often log-on as "admin" - only when I need to make changes to the board...) Vic
  6. He he!! :partyman: :prayer: :roll: :yawinkle:
  7. Here ya go!! Got a few more smileys for you!! :lol: :tonqe: :drinkers: :roll: :goodman: :axe: [-X :toimonster: :partyman: :supz: :prayer:
  8. That's better! Got my signature on there now. (It means "Bottoms Up! or "Cheers" - just in case you wanted to know!!)
  9. Just wanted to test something out...
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