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Status Updates posted by FunkyBoy

  1. Gotta create something new... No drive anymore.

    1. smb


      I just wish that I had the time to create something... Busy with work right now but I'm going back home soon!

    2. FunkyBoy


      Ah man, sucks. I've just lost my job...so plenty of time! I just don;t have the DRIVE I used to, to create art...it's killing me.

  2. Fresh uploads to my Silent Hill Comic section. Please check themout and comment if you so wish!

    1. smb


      All good stuff!

    2. smb


      Hey, I have just renewed my registration for MangaVibe.com

      So the site is still in the pipeline...

  3. I'm alive again! Back and slappin' up some new art!

  4. Hey man, thanks for all the kind words on my recent uploads.

    1. smb


      You're welcome! And thanks for uploading your art!

    2. FunkyBoy


      Always a pleasure.

  5. Traitors, Heretics, Friends, Foes and all the dregs of humanity in between.

    After 9/10 months of relentless bullshit and some of the lowest points in my life I've finally managed to land a job I'm actually interested in doing, not only that I'll be moving home back to the town I came from and having a fresh, brand new start on life.

    So, expect even less artwork from me than usual! Hopefully once things have settled and the dust clears, I'll be able to get back to it with a renewed purpose and fill your lives with more bio-mechanical, cyborg, violence fuelled bullshit.

    Wish me luck in this new endeavour of re-starting my life again! 

    Machine God be praised.

    1. smb


      Good luck!! Maybe, by the time you get back into it, artfreaks.com might even have a new life!

    2. FunkyBoy


      One can hope my friend, one can hope!

  6. Whoo! Finally did some awesome art tonight! :D

    1. smb


      Congratulations! :)

  7. Woah! It's been a while since I was here! Just oploaded some other stuff, good to see this place is doing well! :3

    1. smb


      Good to see you back here! This site is still struggling and we need your support!

  8. 'Tis 12:10 PM, just woken up...need to draw! NEED TO!

  9. Updated with some nrw work in the "Other Work" folder. Have a look and let me know what you thinl! Crit and comments are always welcome!

  10. Been a while since I've been here, nice to see things are runnin' nice and smooth. Good work to SMB for that! I'm added some new stuff so please have a look!

  11. Ey man!

    Thanks for the welcome, pleasure to be here!

  12. Hey there. Tried your gallery link and it would not load properly, would you be able to send me the link another way?


  13. Hey man.

    Nice work with the Bleach characters, little bit more work on shit like that, you'll be doin' fine! Get some shadows and highlights in there, epic.

  14. Hey man, not a problem at all, please have a peek at my stuff, want any tips or anythin' let me know I'd love to help.

    Keep it up bro.

  15. Habit of sayin' bro, my bad. ^^;;

  16. Yo. Mind if I add you to MSN, 'twould be easier than posting the info here?

  17. Right! I've added you, I'll catch you when you are on at some point and do what I can to help. :3

  18. BOOM! Back with an Art stack!

  19. Thinking of doing some fan art, a somewhat dark take on Batman, Thor, Iron Man or a fairy tale character, any ideas/suggestions?

  20. New work on the way, Batman Vs Iron Man and more Blood Storm, stay tuned!

  21. http://zauberlich.carbonmade.com/ - My professional website, contact me if you're interested in my work.

    I'm still alive...! Kinda. 

  23. WOO! I won a thing! In October! Most liked content, get iiinn! Thanks folks.

  24. I'm not dead! Just a bit of a hiatus.

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