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  1. Hey folks,

    I'm open for Commissions! I'll take any work, so don't be shy! Below are some prices, SOME are negotiable.

    Digital black and white sketch of single character - £10

    Digital black and white sketch of single character with background - £15

    Digital color paint of single character - £20

    Digital color paint of single character with background - £30

    Multiple characters and/or group shots - Price will be discussed based on time spent on said work. 

    All work is completed as quickly as possible, I am able to work to time restrictions and will always be done to the best of my ability. Check my gallery for examples!

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  2. Hey folks, not much going on here, for the amount of painted images in the gallery.

    It's been a long time since I've used traditional painting media, watercolors was always what I liked best. Now I paint digitally, simply because it's cheaper, easier and in my personal opinion, superior.

    Why do I paint? I paint because I can, because I have talent to create and because I have the drive and need to create. I have an imagination that fills me with such inspiration that I must get it down as best I can and share it with the world like most artists.

    It's got to ne said, if I didn't have a way to create I'd go mad, I may not do art as much as I used to but I sure as hell make a damn good effort to do it as much as I can.

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  3. Hey folks,

    I think over all Artfreaks is a great place, I've not had chance to frequent much until now, Smb is a great bloke and works very hard to keep this place interesting and maintained so kudo's to him. I feel that the site struggles with the main thing most sites do, members and constant posts. Tha'ts expected, still I like this place enough to keep coming back and slamming my ton's of art down and dropping the new stuff so it ain't all bad.

    Keep up the good work Smb and everyone else? C'mon, let's get more stuff up!

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  4. Hello one and all,

    Righty, see there is a lot of peeps here but not much activity. For those of you who don't know me, which is probably 99% of you, I'm NullBoss. My gallery can be seen here: http://www.artfreaks.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&search_app=gallery&mid=2095&userMode=all&sid=ae92d1206834fa2fbe6a184d27f5c059

    Now we've gotten that outta the way, you can see I'm a digital artist who specializes in the darker/macabre side of art with a nice mix of sci fi and fantasy. Whats I#m proposing here is this: If there is anyone out there who is looking for a challenge and something new, how about you collaborate with me on a piece of work? Hm?

    The preferred style would of course be digital as it's easier that way but we can always work around that. So if anyone is interested reply here or hit me up directly, I don't know about you, but I'd like to challenge myself a bit.


    PS. I will happily work with artists of any caliber, skill or media isn 't an issue.

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  5. The way the articles thing works is that I can move or copy individual posts from any Thread in the Forums - and make them as an 'Article.' However, I can't actually move an entire thread. What I had in mind with the Articles thing is a collection of tips on various different genre and media. So if we get any replies to this forum that contain specific tips or ideas on Comic Art, then we can certainly make them into articles.

    IP (Invision Power) Articles is still fairly new software but I am hoping that in some future development, they will make it so that users can sort the articles by various different methods - like most viewed, highest rating, most commented-on, etc, etc. That way, users of the site should be able to find the most useful tips quickly and easily...

    When I get off the ship next week, I'll be working on refining the Articles set-up at artfreaks.com and then, once I am happy with it, I will make the thing more visible on the site so that any member can use it, if they want...

    That sounds like a classic idea! I approve. Keep me informed of all the details mate! Keep up the good work my man.

  6. On 9/8/2010 at 8:07 AM, smb said:

    There's a new 'Articles' section here at artfreaks.com. I haven't quite figured it-out myself yet, but if anyone has got any hot tips on Manga or Comic art, you can either post them as a reply to this topic - or go strait to the Articles section and upload a new article there. (I will promote a copy of any replies that contain useful tips or information to an article in the Articles section, so no worries - it will get in there one way or another!) :)


    Awesome, if you want we can get this moved to there? if it would make things easier?

  7. If you check the "Guidelines" link, in the header, it says somewhere in there:

    Profane is the operative word here.

    However, if you just write something like "I feel like shit," then you are not going to get banned for that!!

    On the other hand, if you call me and all of the members of this website "shit", just because no one replied to your topic within the first 5 minutes of your having posted it - then you might well find yourself saying something like:

    Ah! Thats okay then. All is well. :3

  8. Cigars are the way to go!!

    I make my own from leaves grown locally in the Philippines. I buy the leaves in bundles and that way, they work-out at about 15 pence for a leaf! They make damn fine cigars too! I have been told by more than one shipmate that they smell quite nice - although I don't think that anyone would want to smoke them indoors...

    Thats pretty awesome! So seemingly cheap to! Man, I'd love to give a Cigar a try at one point, but they are so damn expensive over here. :(

  9. We ALL have something 'wrong' with us!

    Just as there is no such thing as perfect physical health (even the fittest atheletes can get a cold from time to thime!) - there is no such thing as perfect mental health.

    It's all a matter of degrees and realtivity.

    Have to agree with that fully, no one has perfect mental health, not one bit. BUT! It don't hurt that if you think you have problems, to seek professional help, no shame in that at all. If you feel you canot confide in your friends, then as I said seek it else where!

    I talk to myself, ALOT. It's just normal for me now, I'm sure alot of people do, but I don't think it's anything to be worried about? Just part of who you are I think.

  10. OK, you want me to spell it out???

    ArtFreaks.com is a family website now and your swear words don't fit-in here any more. OK?

    The final straw was when, like a baby throwing a tantrum, you spat your dummy out just because no one had answered your post within 24 hours.

    You then called everyone on this site "shit."

    One thing I can promise you, is that no one gets to use my server and my bandwidth to call myself and the other members of this site SHIT, OK?

    And I don't pay good, hard-earned money to anyone in order to get them to upload worthwhile content to the site - only to be told that myself and the other members of this site are SHIT.

    Got it?

    I will let your newly registered account stay for the time-being - but any further posts by yourself will be subject to preview by a moderator before they get to see the light of day on THIS site.

    Just easlied there, a few of my posts have contained foul wordin' I'm sorry if this is not permitted, I didn't notice anything about it when I signed up, if it is indeed not allowed, even in a cusual manner i.e "Man I feel like Shit" Then I appologise... ^^;; I'll try and stop.

  11. To be honest, I don't think that any music particularly helps me to be creative. In fact, during my past creative episodes I was probably working in silence and went into some kind of a 'state of flow...'

    But generally, I just listen to whatever music I am in the mood for. Sometimes its Mahler. Sometimes its Led Zep!

    Oh aye?

    Don't think I could work in silence, need something to insipire me most timesa 'n' I find music helps with that a fair bit. Needin' to find some insperation.. speakin' o' that, my drive is dead at he moment. :(

  12. To be fair, Dog is just another animal... no matter how you look at it, domesticated or not. 'Tis till an animal aye? So.. if given the chance, in all honesty U.K man or not, I'd eat dog. Fuck it, I'd try anything once. I'll be honest, I myself am a Cat person, I LOVE cats... so I could never eat one, and I can understand how others would be about dogs. And obviously by the image SMB posted, that dogs expression says it all. If It was killed in an humane way then sure, but to be beaten then stabbed? Bullshit, no chance.

    Now I enjoy all mean, and as I said would try anything once but I supposer there is some lines people would cross, and some would not.

    Poor dog.

  13. Yep! "Reputation" is on. It's those little green and red Plus and Minus signs at the bottom of each post.

    You have also got User Ratings in the members profile pages

    OH! So thats the reputation thing!? Right...Right.. I understand now!

    About the gallery rank thing? No matter, 'twould be a cool feature but I don't want to bleed you for it!

    Keep it up either way, site is going well and the rank names are good.

    Nice one mate.

  14. Yo!

    I must admit.. I'm a smoker and I HATE it, although I admit, when I'm stressed or bored smoking seems to help a fair bit, but I have to agree with others...IT STINKS! It makes my hands smell and my apartment smell like an ashtray.

    I will say, to be fair to those of us who do seem to need to smoke, smokin' in public is a good thing, I'm happy that smokers can no longer smoke in pubs [bars] and the like, but only do it outside, 'tis a good thing I think. But if you have a habbit or addiction or whatever... outside is better than in or around people.

    Been trying to kick it for a while now... but I find after I drink or if I'm around people I get cravings! Does anyone else get like this?

    I'll be honest and say, as before I hate it... but it's such a hard thing to kick. I used to get really angry at my father for smoking then he stopped... then here I am smoking! AGH! Madness!

    SMB, you said you smoke Cigars, always fancied one of those, what are they like?

  15. Hello all. My name is Gail, but anything related to my artwork...Angel312 will get my attention. I am 50 yrs old and have been drawing since I can remember, but I never thought of it as anything but"doodling." I remember my first experience with sales was when I was about 8 or 9, and my friend wanted to sell my drawings of the "Flinstones!" Obviously she was the business graduate and I went into psychology. Anyway, that's a little history LOL! I have had a very busy lifestyle with my work, marriage, children, and now 5 grandchildren! About a year ago I injured my back and I found myself bored and thought I would lose my mind if I didn't find a hobby, so I dug out my old graphite pencils and sketchpad. I'm in a lot of pain most often, take meds that make me groggy, and have very poor memory right now. I tried other hobbies like sewing, needlepoint, crocheting, etc... but it seems like work!! Back to the sketch pad I am. I am self taught except for the couple of electives in college to fill in. I've considered myself an amateur all my life and then about 3 yrs ago a friend of mine at work wanted to see my work (i drew for fun for family members, etc..) so I brought it to work. Before you know it I had people asking me to do portraits for themselves and I was amazed! About a year and a half later was when I hurt my back and it was all down hill from there. I was terminated from job because they could not accommodate me and I could not come back to work. I am uninsurable and have a lot of stressors, but my husband, 2 children, and 5 g-children are my life and they are very supportive. I thought about looking for something to keep me busy and I am really attempting to put together a portfolio, and regret all the sketches I did not get copies of!! I also live in Indiana in the US, and our weather is unfavorable often, so I have a hard time getting shots of the work that i have done already, hence I get poor photos with glares of the work I have done as well. That is pretty much my life story LOL! I am blindly stumbling around here, so please be patient with me until I figure out all the whistles and bells! I am really here to meet others with a commonality.. my art, to see the works of others, to pass the long hours, and to possibly get my work posted if I can figure out how to accomplish that. Please remember that I did not grow up with a computer as many young artists have, so it takes me a while to figure things out and I used the computer strictly for work...treatment with mentally ill patients, so I will require some info if possible and it will take a while for me to navigate around. Nonetheless, once I get this all down pat, hopefully I can attain some of my goals mentioned earlier! It's a pleasure to be here and I hope that I'm posting in the right place!! :o My medium currently is graphite pencil, very occasional acrylic, digital photos, and I would love to dabble in cartoons and pastels.post-1058-1195755364_thumb.jpg

    Hey there.

    Sucks about all the problems you are having with your back and so on and so forth, but great that you've went back to your arts! I'm going to have to check some of that stuff out, sounds very impressive! so yeah, you seem like quite the interesting person, I'll have a good look at anything you've uploaded, please do the same for me!

    Take it easy.


  16. Gustav Mahler



    ...for creativity or relaxation.

    Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest and Lynyrd Skynyrd when I want to let my (non-existant!) hair down!

    Actually, I like most genre of music. I like a lot of the modern stuff too...

    (Not to keen on Country, though. And that is about it!) :)

    Ooooh! Aye! quite a good little mix of stuff right there, quite impressive.

    So does the stuff like Zeppelin and Judas Priest not help when you are creating, or is it simply for when you chillin' ?

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