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  1. Killy


    So after 8 months of nothing, I've finally started to get my groove back. My first shot was a doodle of Killy from the BLAME! manga/animated movie produced by an idol of mine Tsutomu Nihei who's style blows my mind. However, it turned into something more and I kept adding to it.
    So, this is a mix of his style and mine, the black and white image the the original look. however the red, I've seen art of Killy where his suit was read instead of black, grey and white so I thought I'd see how that looked and added the blue eyes from the movie.
    Kept it all nice and simple instead of my over worked shadows and highlights. So far so good, watch this space.

  2. Nah man, I'm not going to bail when things get dicey, every site has issues, if I did that with every gallery I'd never have anywhere to post my stuff! Plus I quite like it here, so I'd not want to go anywhere.

    It's good to know that there is contact/support, hopefully we won't need it but always good to have it there, cheers!

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