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  1. How's tricks? 'Good to see you managed to pay a flying visit!

  2. NullBoss

    Other Work

    Some of the other stuff I've done
  3. Traitors, Heretics, Friends, Foes and all the dregs of humanity in between.

    After 9/10 months of relentless bullshit and some of the lowest points in my life I've finally managed to land a job I'm actually interested in doing, not only that I'll be moving home back to the town I came from and having a fresh, brand new start on life.

    So, expect even less artwork from me than usual! Hopefully once things have settled and the dust clears, I'll be able to get back to it with a renewed purpose and fill your lives with more bio-mechanical, cyborg, violence fuelled bullshit.

    Wish me luck in this new endeavour of re-starting my life again! 

    Machine God be praised.

    1. smb


      Good luck!! Maybe, by the time you get back into it, artfreaks.com might even have a new life!

    2. NullBoss


      One can hope my friend, one can hope!

  4. I'm not dead! Just a bit of a hiatus.

  5. WOO! I won a thing! In October! Most liked content, get iiinn! Thanks folks.

  6. Hey man, beer, bar and learning with a pretty woman? Can't be bad! As for the mask thing? That's actually super considerate and awesome, wish more people did something like that.
  7. NullBoss

    Corin and Allene

    Please read the story behind this image: http://kerunai.deviantart.com/art/Dawn-of-Darkness-The-Beginning-630913232
  8. NullBoss

    Markiplier Fan Art

    Scifi always is!
  9. NullBoss

    Sci Fi Concepts

    Thanks very much, I made most of it up on the spot or mashed in lots of little bits from stuff that I love/inspires me. I'm not a writer so it's not great but it gets the point across!
  10. NullBoss


    Please have a look at the story behind this image: http://kerunai.deviantart.com/art/I-am-a-Hunter-630919632
  11. NullBoss

    Fursona Commission

    Nah man, I'm not going to bail when things get dicey, every site has issues, if I did that with every gallery I'd never have anywhere to post my stuff! Plus I quite like it here, so I'd not want to go anywhere. It's good to know that there is contact/support, hopefully we won't need it but always good to have it there, cheers!
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