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  2. I got into the field of animation because animation is beautiful. Taking something that is still or something that you have created and moving it. You are creating and bringing life.I've always loved movies and I always loved animations. The stories were great, but there was more to it. I could feel what the character felt and it felt like they were real. The movement was beautiful, close to life but not quite, it was very different. Anyway, animation opened up a whole new realm of opportunities for me. There's so much more to it than people realize. It allows me a chance to indulge in all of my senses and forms of expression. Background design, character design, object design, hands-on sculpture, stop motion animation, texture, sound effects, music, story, writing, and more and more, the possibilities are endless. That's all I wanted to say for now. My gallery is small right now but I have tons of projects in the works (I have so many unfinished ideas) as well as some projects that need to be finished for my freelance clients. But check back often as I will keep on updating. Be sure to check out my other places on the web as well! If you ever want to find me somewhere, just search ShinyHubbCap (my internet handle!) Meaning of ShinyHubbCap- Well, my name is Julie Hubbard. My nickname is Jewels, everybody calls me Jewels. Jewels are shiny. "Shiny" is another nickname somebody gave me. When I think "Hub" I think Hubcap. My last name is Hubbard. so ShinyHubbCap is like my name. get it?
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  4. I love creating and Animating

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