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    Photography, csi new york, art, drawing.
  1. haha i think i saw the guy that was on the boat having scrambled eggs
  2. Thankss!! alot of people said the ghosts were creepy, lol its quite funny though
  3. HAHAH .. wow thanks i will use those techniques in my future art work maybe in my art coursework and other things like that, i get where u are coming from about the shading around the area .
  4. Maryam Boniadi


    myy photoggraphy
  5. Where can i get good ideas for new drawins/paintings/photos

    1. smb


      Take a look at PhotoArtForums.com

      All the stuff there is free use for anyone who wants to use it.


  6. Finally!

    (It's good!)

  7. What happened to posting-up your artwork?!

  8. Hello and welcome to ArtFreaks.com!

    You are now a Full Member

  9. after school, going to take pic's of artwork and post it up.

    1. smb


      We're looking forward to seeing your art!

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