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  1. haha i think i saw the guy that was on the boat having scrambled eggs
  2. Thankss!! alot of people said the ghosts were creepy, lol its quite funny though
  3. HAHAH .. wow thanks i will use those techniques in my future art work maybe in my art coursework and other things like that, i get where u are coming from about the shading around the area .
  4. Maryam Boniadi


    myy photoggraphy
  5. Maryam Boniadi


    From the album: Photography.


  6. Where can i get good ideas for new drawins/paintings/photos

    1. smb


      Take a look at PhotoArtForums.com

      All the stuff there is free use for anyone who wants to use it.


  7. Maryam Boniadi


    From the album: Photography.


  8. Maryam Boniadi


    From the album: My Drawings :)

    i was in iran, my grandparents house has a beautiful view of the famous tower Milad, to entertain myself i used my old crayola colouring pencils i had left in my grandparents house from my previous trip 5 years ago to draw it ..
  9. Maryam Boniadi

    My Hand

    From the album: My Drawings :)

    i was bored so i thought of drawing my hand
  10. Maryam Boniadi


    From the album: My Drawings :)

    I created of an iranian knight.. i think it was and put him on a horse, i knew what the knight looked like and gave him a bow n arrow and put him on a horse in my drawing, again this was drawn in iran to absorb my boredom :L
  11. From the album: My Drawings :)

    I know this looks like i copied bugs bunny, but i really didnt, i would say i made up my own cartoon rabbits, i made a scene of a beach and i liked the colours, it gave a warm relaxing feeling to the picture.
  12. From the album: My Drawings :)

    i was watching tv and i looked at the single chair that was infront of the french doors, i loved the shapes and patterns that are on the chair and decided to draw the picture. but i think i ruined it by adding the two ghosts behind the chair hehe
  13. after school, going to take pic's of artwork and post it up.

    1. smb


      We're looking forward to seeing your art!

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