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  1. I have recently been inspired to paint the sea and Mountains,this painting is of beautiful Inch Beach County Kerry where the Dramatic film Ryans Daughter was made.

    © Irish Artist Joy

  2. Acrylic paint, Stone Sculpture, inspired the Bob Dylan song "sarah"

    © Irish Artist Joy

  3. Inspired by my real life Venus Models and sub zero conditions. Irish Artist Joy presents the launch of a new painting from The Miss Lovely Collection, Titled The Broken Strap, this painting was inspired by the beauty and voluptuousity of the real life Venus Models of Irish Artist Joy.The Broken Strap was painted by Joy as an experiment in sub zero conditions...

    © Irish Artist Joy

  4. Photos of Paintings by Irish Artist Joy that she has created from her imagination while at her Studio in Ireland.
  5. These Flowers are beautiful you are so talented.
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