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    Heerenveen-the Netherlands
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    paintings, pictures and drawings (so art in general !).

    horses, horse-riding en horse&carriage competitions.

    artistic people

    Hello members of ArtFreaks.com Forums,

    I am Chrissy, live in the Netherlands, female and 56 years of age. i would like to teach myself a bit of painting, because I can't do courses and workshops.
    I have a braindamage-related disability, that inables me to pick up enough informations in the way you should, normaly.....

    I also try reading and understandig things I read in artbooks and explaining-based books on trying to paint yourself.

    I hope by membership of this forum, you can help me with some anwers I cannot find myself on the internet or by asking people in my local environment( eeeek, difficult word to spell!)

    but my most important reason is: being interested in what artistic people all over the world like to share with "soulmates" or wahatever one calls him-or herself.

    are those criteria clear enough to tbecome a member here, please?

    kind regards .Chrisssy

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    Happy Birthday! ..And come back to ArtFreaks.com soon!

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