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  1. smb

    Happy birthday!

  2. smb

    Happy birthday!

  3. smb

    Can you try those BMP files for me now? (I don't have anything in .bmp so I can't try it myself right now..)

  4. smb

    Back home now. Got the new software patch for the Gallery - which will allow you to upload the BMP images. I'm told that it might distort the display of the Gallery and the Forums index page but we can give it a try.. Watch this space!!

  5. Rhonda

    Lucky Jim Mine

    It is what remains of a steam driven pump that pulled water out of the Lucky Jim Mine
  6. smb

    Hello and welcome to ArtFreaks.com!

    You are now a Full Member of the Forums.

    Full Membership gives you a bigger messaging quota, better search and uploading capabilities - and free use of the Links and the Classified modules...

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