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  1. Come back! artfreaks.com needs you!

  2. i reallly wish they made RED paint here and not "bright red" or "burnt red" i just want RED its a primary color is that so hard ?!?!?

    1. smb


      What medium are you using?

    2. MyLowIsYourHigh


      acrlyic, i had my teacher buy some for me

  3. MyLowIsYourHigh

    Photography/Makeup Art

    i really wanna go into makeup art so this is me just messing around with some basics with a dash of photography
  4. new project idea! so excited

  5. so happy to be back and have new stuff!

    1. smb


      'Good to see you back here! :)

  6. Thanks for uploading your art!

    If you could give the images some titles that would be great! (But if not, don't worry about it... The titles just make your images index-able by search engines - which helps to bring in more visitors to the site...)

  7. Hello and welcome to ArtFreaks.com!

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  8. MyLowIsYourHigh

    School Year Stuff

    stuff i did durring the school year
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