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  1. Long time, no see!

  2. ArnoldB

    Car In mist

    Mist, morning light and parked cars
  3. ArnoldB

    Winter Farm

    A farmhouse in the snow. A chilly time of year!
  4. ArnoldB

    Ice Tree

    Transformed into living sculpture.
  5. ArnoldB

    Morning Sun

    Light returns to the land.
  6. A misty landscape morning.
  7. Hello and welcome to ArtFreaks.com! Sorry about the cumbersome registration process - it's the only way that I can keep the spammers out these days... If you would like a Full Membership of the Forums, you just need to post some art - or at least update your profile with a photo; put something in the About Me section - or post a few image comments or whatever...

    1. smb


      Thanks for uploading your photography! You are now a Full Member of the Forums. This means that any uploading, searching or messaging restrictions that you may have encountered as a newly registered member, should now have been lifted...

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