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  2. hi... i'm new here... i really need advice... i am a chemical engineering graduate...i took up this course for 7 freakin' years and didn't make it to get a license....i've been working for almost four years now as a pollution control officer from company to company and reached to this point of taking the next detour.... my real passion was arts...and still is...but my parents and i don't have the same view of my future 11 years ago...i followed what they wanted me to be but always got them disappointed...now, i came to the realization that i can't deny what i really feel and what i really wanted...i am not happy with my work anymore...although i am happy with my friends - my office mates... i want to pursue my dream of being an artist... i am planning to take up a short course in arts or design as a start but I don’t know what to take first or what to prioritize… as I was googling about creative designs, web arts, photoeditings, 3d and etc, I find myself on panic… where the hell should I start? What I only know are sketching using a normal pencil, editing photos and tarp at excel..yes on ms excel…and imagining…so how can I possibly learn all these new things fast… I can’t be unemployed for so long because I already have a kid, although my husband is working… I am on my late 20’s and I am really on a panic… L please do give me some advice on how to proceed with my life (a little exag ehehehe)…
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