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  1. thank you, second half of a commission painted as a surprise for the former owner. The horse is sadly no longer alive so has even more meaning for him to have a painting
  2. BanannySue

    Art by me

    a variety of works
  3. Any favourite subjects? any you really don't like? I know what you mean about space, I've just got all my course work back and have a 1m x 1m portrait to find a home for (it's the cropped face in the gallery) what kind of things inspire you?
  4. Hi Jen, Welcome to the site, are you working on any art at the moment? Sue
  5. BanannySue

    IMG 1209

    thank you, more work for the portfolio
  6. BanannySue


    Thank you, I'm really proud of it - not sure where I'm going to put it when I get it back
  7. BanannySue


    I love these works - what medium have you used?
  8. more I look at this the more I like it
  9. Been there done that! I know that feeling - maddening when it just won't work
  10. Hello and welcome to ArtFreaks.com! You can get a free upgrade to the Full Members group, simply by uploading some art or photography, posting some comments or even just uploading a profile picture. Enjoy the site!

    1. smb


      Thanks for uploading your art - and welcome to the Full Members group! :D

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